USA Today – Mar 15 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 15 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
“Batman” villain, with “the” RIDDLER
“Fine with me!” YES
“In my dreams!” I WISH
___ kwon do TAE
___ mitt (chef’s wear) OVEN
___ of (in conflict with) AFOUL
Ankara native TURK
Bad time for Caesar IDES
Big name in GPS GARMIN
Burns’ “sweet” stream AFTON
Central theme GIST
City north of Salt Lake City OGDEN
Collar stiffener STARCH
Commandment verb SHALT
Corp. money chiefs CFOS
Deem worth it PAY
Dental woe DECAY
Dugout fixture BENCH
Eat or drink INGEST
Education-minded org. PTA
Exemplar of thinness DIME
Flirt with, perhaps TEASE
Go ballistic RAVE
Gold, Silver, Bronze or Iron, to Ovid AGE OF MAN
Gossipy sort YENTA
Habitual grimacing and nose-twitching TICS
Helper on the Hill AIDE
Home to most of Russia ASIA
Idiotproof FAILSAFE
Jessica of “Fantastic Four” movies ALBA
Libra and Leo SIGNS
Like Burns’ mouse WEE
Like Darth Vader EVIL
Lions’ homes LAIRS
Logan of “60 Minutes” LARA
Magazine read by 33-Across INC
Make pigtails, say PLAIT
Mature fillies MARES
More than tipsy STINKO
Mosaic piece TILE
Mountain goat’s perch CRAG
Musial in Cooperstown STAN
Name in running shoes AVIA
Nasal spray brand AFRIN
Nautical pronoun SHE
Newton of physics ISAAC
One of the Ivies, for short PENN
One-inch putt, say TAP IN
Part of a clear diet BROTH
Partner of gramps NANA
Playboy bunny headgear EARS
Police jacket letters SWAT
Prima donna’s delivery ARIA
Prom or wedding activity DANCING
Radio word after “Roger” WILCO
Reached the runway ALIT
Salon job TINT
Slate or Salon EMAG
Sondheim’s “Sweeney ___” ODD
Sound after a correct quiz answer DING
Spill hot coffee on, say SCALD
Spyri’s Swiss miss HEIDI
Starts to smell ROTS
Tax return figure INCOME
Three-___ (driver’s maneuver) POINT TURN
Three-___ (large-home amenity) CAR GARAGE
Three-___ (picnic event) LEGGED RACE
Three-___ (public spectacle) RINGCIRCUS
Toaster waffle brand EGGO
Use a Kindle READ
Utah ski mecca ALTA
Vinyl collectible ALBUM
Was a call-in guest PHONED
Wood of the Stones RON
Word after mirror or graven IMAGE
Word on a gift tag FOR

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