USA Today – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
“Black Swan” skirt TUTU
“Nothing but net” sounds SWISHES
“That didn’t hurt” IMOK
“That’s it!” AHA
“The Music Man” state IOWA
2014 Russell Crowe epic NOAH
Assault on the ears DIN
Beauty bar additive ALOE
Brought into being BORN
Caravel in a noted trio NINA
Circulatory blockage CLOT
Coldest day ever, e.g RECORDLOW
Comrade in arms ALLY
Consume totally USEUP
Course that no one fails EASYA
Degrees for execs MBAS
Do cross-country, say SKI
Egg-white omelet’s lack YOLK
Family nickname SIS
Go defunct DIE
Green Giant canfuls PEAS
Handicrafts-selling site ETSY
Highlands group CLAN
In a fresh way ANEW
In perpetuity EVER
Lame excuse for missing homework MYPRINTERISDOWN
Lame excuse for missing homework MYDOGATEIT
Lame excuse for missing homework ITBLEWAWAY
Lame excuse for missing homework ILEFTITONTHEBUS
Last part of 2-Down, e.g GRADE
Like a saint HOLY
Like a Thanksgiving turkey PLUMP
Literary conclusions EPILOGS
Living a hermit’s life LONE
Loses steam SLOWS
Make a bonehead move GOOF
Make more readable, perhaps EDIT
Mascara streaker, perhaps TEAR
Minority in Kosovo or Croatia SERBS
Clues Answers
Moe’s Tavern serving BEER
Monty Python bit SKIT
Move like a crab SIDLE
Much more than 60-Across OFTEN
Museum T. rex, e.g EXHIBIT
Nevada slots site RENO
Not before, and not since ONCE
Pagan or atheist, to some INFIDEL
Persistent effort DILIGENCE
Place for a roast OVEN
Poet who went to hell DANTE
Poise, for a model ASSET
Prop master’s workplace SET
Pulled a prank on GOT
Put up with ABIDE
Reassuring touch PAT
Risk a perjury rap LIE
Screenplay segment LINE
Search engine’s find, briefly URL
Seize forcibly GRAB
Send out, as signals EMIT
Serengeti grazers GNUS
Sharp as a tack ADEPT
Sharp as a tack KEEN
Shortened term of endearment HON
Show-saving system TIVO
Shut off, as an engine KILL
Some Arab leaders EMIRS
Starts to bubble, perhaps BOILS
Stew server’s need LADLE
Taiwanese PC giant ACER
Takes the mound HURLS
Talk like a tippler SLUR
Tantrum-throwing performer DIVA
Theater ticket datum DATE
Treat on a hotel pillow MINT
Trebek of “Jeopardy!” ALEX
Two-headed drum SNARE
Word after scratch or screen TEST

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