USA Today – Mar 17 2018

Clues Answers
“. . . and ___ well!” ALLS
“Positively Paula” TV chef DEEN
“Ring of Fire” singer Johnny CASH
“Ship of Ghouls” author R.L STINE
“Yu-Gi-Oh!” cartoon genre ANIME
Advil competitor ANACIN
Aid for an agita sufferer ANTACID
Appliance brand owned by Whirlpool AMANA
Apply aloe to, say SOOTHE
Arthur with three Grand Slam wins ASHE
Beast with a rack STAG
Bikini or Diego Garcia ATOLL
Bowlers’ spots LANES
Brand of round waffles EGGO
Brutus co-conspirator CASCA
Buckshot and BBs, for short AMMO
Calls from the pews AMENS
Circulation blockers CLOTS
Close calls SCARES
Combine into one piece UNITIZE
Concise, as a resume ONEPAGE
Contract negotiator, often AGENT
Cruise ship amenity SPA
Doctor in “Planet of the Apes” ZAIUS
DVD remote button MENU
Enchantress of Greek myth CIRCE
Ending for who, what or where EVER
Engrave on glass ETCH
Everglades wader EGRET
Florists’ cuttings STEMS
From that point on THENCE
Glucose level check, perhaps BLOODTEST
Heal, as bone MEND
Heavy hammer SLEDGE
Hula dancer’s attire GRASSSKIRT
In a crabby mood TESTY
Jackson nicknamed “Mr. October” REGGIE
Jordan Spieth’s org PGA
Clues Answers
Kramden and Norton, e.g PALS
La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Lambert with the album “Trespassing” ADAM
Latvia’s capital RIGA
Lavender or lilac SCENT
Leave rolling in the aisles SLAY
Maker of “Total War” games SEGA
Mark over some Spanish n’s TILDE
Messy place to play MUDPUDDLE
Moonshiner’s wares HOOCH
Morse distress signal SOS
Musk who cofounded SolarCity ELON
One of the Brontes ANNE
Paid for a hand ANTED
Place for a makeover SALON
Printer paper holder TRAY
Queen and workers ANTS
Radish or taro ROOT
Rorschach pattern INKBLOT
Rotten to the core EVIL
Sean of “Rudy” ASTIN
Set a price at ASKED
Sommelier, at times WINETASTER
Squats in a set, e.g REPS
Stockyard sound MOO
Strongbox document DEED
They’re tossed at weddings GARTERS
Toy with, like a puppy PAWAT
Voices in a loft CHOIR
Water or snow gear SKIS
Well-behaved kid ANGEL
Where many VFW members served NAM
Woodman’s makeup, in Oz TIN
Woodsy 22-Across PINE
Word before pool or splicing GENE
Word for the diet-conscious LITE
___ Dhabi ABU
___-bitsy ITSY

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