USA Today – Mar 18 2018

Clues Answers
“Alice” diner MELS
“Dirty” or “sticky” fare RICE
“King of Kings,” e.g EPIC
30-Down or potatoes, to many STAPLEFOOD
Airbnb offerings RENTALS
American Revolution heroine MOLLYPITCHER
Animal roped at rodeos STEER
Animal that “plays dead” OPOSSUM
Artful stratagems PLOYS
Bake sale offering PIE
Barbie maker MATTEL
Barely earn, with “out” EKE
Becomes solid SETS
Bivouac shelter TENT
Body lotion ingredient ALOE
Bring on board HIRE
Broadway play about Capote TRU
Canned fare since 1937 SPAM
Cavalry blade SABER
Christie’s or Sotheby’s offer BID
Covered, as by flooding AWASH
Disarrange, with “up” MUSS
Dry as dust ARID
Durocher in Cooperstown LEO
Eat ___ (be humiliated) CROW
Emperor’s decree EDICT
Ex-mayor Eastwood CLINT
Expire, as a subscription LAPSE
Express sorrow for LAMENT
Fashion designer’s concern STYLE
Feathered projectile DART
Fields for flocks LEAS
Filled French fare CREPES
Fruity wine concoction SANGRIA
Gibbon or orang APE
Gout target, usually TOE
High water’s alternative HELL
Hors d’oeuvre cheese BRIE
Clues Answers
Hotel lot worker VALET
Idiot, to a Brit TWIT
In great shape FIT
Left Coast state, informally CALI
Like Mr. X (Abbr.) ANON
Make amends ATONE
Napa Valley product WINE
Needed a tourniquet BLED
Of two minds TORN
Passover dinner SEDER
Pedicurist’s tool NAILCLIPPERS
Pet fare since 1936 ALPO
Pinch pennies SCRIMP
Pocketed, as a pool ball SANK
Porters’ burdens BAGS
Prospector’s strike LODE
Put a crease in, perhaps IRON
Put a new label on RETITLE
Quiet aircraft GLIDER
Ready to fall out LOOSE
Relief pitchers’ successes SAVES
Rifle mechanism BOLTACTION
River past Big Ben THAMES
Shampoo bottle direction RINSE
Signs up for ENTERS
Soda brand named for a mountain SHASTA
Something to “thumb” RIDE
Stained, like a printer’s apron INKY
Stoker who wrote “Dracula” BRAM
Stopped snoozing AWOKE
Stuff to excess SATE
Suspenders alternative BELT
Tennis coups ACES
Wanderlust, e.g URGE
Warmest Great Lake ERIE
Wide-mouthed pitcher EWER
Word after rest or restricted AREA
World record suffix EST
Yuletide tune NOEL

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