USA Today – Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
“Refried” fare BEANS
“The Velvet Fog” MELTORME
“You have won!” email, often SCAM
“Your,” in Plain Speech THY
Address from a hat-tipper MAAM
Anxious feeling UNEASE
Area of many dairy farms LEA
Arizona city on the Colorado YUMA
Barely visible TEENY
Batman costume component CAPE
Beachcomber’s milieu SHORE
Bear viewed with a telescope URSA
Boatwright of scripture NOAH
Bracelet securer SAFETYCATCH
Bud protector SEPAL
Carryall with a strap SHOULDERBAG
Cellist Casals PABLO
Coin with a Union shield CENT
Colorful aquarium fish TETRA
Computer whizzes, stereotypically NERDS
Course before 23-Across ENTREE
Course skipped by dieters DESSERT
Culls, as a herd THINS
Desktop tray INBOX
Does penance ATONES
E-cigarette’s lack ASH
Electric guitar pioneer Paul LES
Far from sensible INANE
First appearance, as of illness ONSET
Foolish beast in Aesop tales ASS
Football Hall of Famer Gale SAYERS
Fundraising show TELETHON
Gangland guys THUGS
Heartbreak Hill’s city (Abbr.) BOS
Hot Wheels maker MATTEL
Hydroelectric power source DAM
Hyped excessively OVERSOLD
Icky buildup CRUD

Clues Answers
In a crabby mood SURLY
In the style of ALA
Iridescent button material NACRE
Jets’ win in Super Bowl III, notably UPSET
King in 1922 headlines TUT
Like some stocks or meds (Abbr.) OTC
Many a college endower, casually ALUM
Mexican state bordering Arizona SONORA
Moo ___ pork SHU
Newfoundland’s neckwear DOGCOLLAR
Pass, as years ROLLBY
Perceptible with one’s fingers TACTILE
Pitchfork-shaped letter PSI
Ready to pour ONTAP
Removes lumps from SIFTS
Scotch and Drambuie cocktail RUSTYNAIL
Seasons for carolers YULES
Skeptic’s laugh HAH
Slider on an abacus BEAD
Slippery creature EEL
Soccer chant word OLE
Something ___ (stunning) ELSE
Sounded like a didgeridoo DRONED
Soup at sushi bars MISO
Spam source HORMEL
Spousal support recipients EXES
Suggest at a meeting MOVE
Table tennis implement PADDLE
Tend to, as a low battery RECHARGE
The whole shebang ALL
Third-rate writing TRIPE
Tubers served with marshmallows YAMS
Viral Facebook post, say MEME
Was absorbed in thought MUSED
Where surfaces of cubes meet EDGES
Wile E. Coyote’s supplier ACME
Wrigley’s wares GUM
___ Paese cheese BEL

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