USA Today – Mar 2 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 2 2018 Friday 

Clue Answers
“Don’t You Know?” singer Reese DELLA
“National Velvet” author Bagnold ENID
“One more thing . . .” ALSO
“Summertime,” in “Porgy and Bess” ARIA
“This isn’t making sense” IMLOST
Airport ceremony involving fire trucks WATER SALUTE
Beach bum’s shade TAN
Beach or bath needs TOWELS
Bed on a boat BERTH
Big name in kitchen wrap ALCOA
Blended drink at some gyms HEALTH SHAKE
Brief, like many tweets TERSE
Change cities, in Realtor-speak RELO
Chef’s creation DISH
City east of Phoenix MESA
Cold-weather forecast word TEENS
Come to light APPEAR
Compactor input TRASH
Constellation part STAR
Cookie in some Klondike bars OREO
Cracker in dessert recipes GRAHAM
Cruise stopover PORT
Curtain call cry ENCORE
Curtain call group CAST
Daily dosages, casually MEDS
Dexterity-enhancing piano piece ETUDE
Fall off, as confidence ERODE
Fizzy part of a gin fizz SODA
Garden center buy TREE
Gazpacho ingredient TOMATO
Gem on a string PEARL
Give a valedictory, say ORATE
Good to go ALLSET
Great Barrier Reef denizens EELS
Hammer requiring two hands SLEDGE
High-tech ID substance DNA
Idyllic spot EDEN
In one’s birthday suit NAKED
Kept under wraps SAT ON
Keystone State city ERIE
Letters on a rap sheet AKA
Load, as into an 11-Down LADE
Lob trajectory ARC
Monica with nine Grand Slam wins SELES
Nastase of tennis ILIE
One in a love triangle, perhaps RIVAL
Parts of string quartets CELLOS
Past its “sell by” date, perhaps STALE
Pastel purple LILAC
Periods named for music genres ERAS
Pilaf base RICE
Pitchfork toter SATAN
Place for freight CARGO HOLD
Place to graze LEA
Protectors of flower buds SEPALS
Response from the flock AMEN
Retro “Cool!” NEATO
Self-storage rental UNIT
Share for the church TITHE
Sign of remorse TEAR
Silica gem OPAL
Sludgy stuff GOO
Softest of minerals TALC
Sparkle, like an icicle GLISTEN
Spot for a missal PEW
Stand watch for, say ABET
Subdue at a riot, informally TASE
Sugar cane knife MACHETE
Superman, e.g. ALIEN
Surge in lawlessness CRIMEWAVE
Tapped containers KEGS
Teller’s drawer TILL
Title city in a DuVernay movie SELMA
Trims, as expenses PARES
Uncertain amount SOME
Wiesel who wrote “Night” ELIE
Word before space or limits OUTER
Yahtzee need DICE

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