USA Today – Mar 20 2018 Tuesday

Clues Answers
“And others,” in citations ETALII
“Cheap Thrills” singer SIA
“Horrible” Viking of comics HAGAR
“I’d love to!” YES
“Ivanhoe” novelist Sir Walter SCOTT
“This Is Us” director Ken OLIN
“___ semper tyrannis” SIC
Aardvark’s victim ANT
Advertiser’s award CLIO
Appear to be SEEM
Bench with hymnals PEW
Billiard ball’s rebound CAROM
Brass or bronze ALLOY
Brings to a screeching halt ENDS
Caveman-style, as a diet PALEO
Chapel topper SPIRE
Chew like a rat GNAW
Chrysler Building style, informally DECO
Confined, like some 1-Down CAGED
Donald Duck and Daffy Duck TOONS
Exude, as charm EMIT
Feel remorse about RUE
Fit of temper SNIT
Flapjack-serving chain IHOP
Flared dress style ALINE
Food-cubing gadget DICER
Garfield and Odie, to Jon PETS
Gravy Train competitor ALPO
Grinch’s look SNEER
Guesstimate phrase ORSO
Home to most of us ASIA
Interlocking pavers STONES
It’s blown on Yom Kippur RAMSHORN
Its depth is checked in an auto inspection TIRETREAD
Like Pindar’s poetry ODIC
Like postcard pictures SCENIC
Like the Mojave’s climate ARID
March 15 or May 15 IDES
Michelin offering RADIAL
Clues Answers
Mind, as a store TEND
Mineral in hemoglobin IRON
Muscles near lats PECS
Neon ___ (aquarium fish) TETRA
Newbie TYRO
Night owl, usually LATERISER
One of a ketch’s two MAST
Online party reminder EVITE
Overthrow a base, say ERR
Page-A-Day publication CALENDAR
Paintball weapon GUN
Pal on the ranch PARD
Pervasive glow AURA
Pioneering deejay Freed ALAN
Place for a body scrub SPA
Playmates of antelopes, in song DEER
Provo native UTAHAN
Ravens’ cries CAWS
Remove to a MASH, briefly EVAC
Salary limit CAP
Self-denying one ASCETIC
Sheep prized for its wool MERINO
Soap units BARS
Speed-of-sound word MACH
Steer snagger LARIAT
Stocking parts TOES
Stubbed body part TOE
Supermodel Schiffer CLAUDIA
Takes too much, for short ODS
Tense moment for a pilot CRASHLANDING
Thin, like cirrus clouds WISPY
Time spans named for monarchs ERAS
Tomato in tomato paste ROMA
Uncle Remus term of address BRER
Way to work, for many suburbanites COMMUTERRAIL
When glaciers advanced ICEAGE
Word with stage or pen NAME
Zoo houseful APES

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