USA Today – Mar 22 2018

Clues Answers
“‘Nuff ___!” SAID
“Crazy” bird LOON
“Halt,” to a salt AVAST
“In the hole” card ACE
“Rite of Spring” composer Stravinsky IGOR
“Tommy” or “Lohengrin” OPERA
“With all ___ respect . . .” DUE
72-Across’s “magic word” PLEASE
A whole bunch PLENTY
All-you-can-eat fare, perhaps SALAD
Animated Olive OYL
Assign, as shares ALLOT
Bird-woman of myth HARPY
Boat-destroying movie creature ORCA
Booster seat user TOT
Bowler’s pickup SPARE
Carmine and cardinal REDS
Chest or closet wood CEDAR
Competitor of Vogue ELLE
Conical woodwinds OBOES
Decline, as floodwaters RECEDE
Declines, as floodwaters EBBS
Den mother’s charge SCOUT
Dismissed summarily AXED
Droopy-eyed Dwarf SLEEPY
Eton or Harrow SCHOOL
Far from colorful DRAB
Fate for Napoleon or Amin EXILE
Garden center roll SOD
Gem State’s capital BOISE
Gin rickey garnish LIME
Have a hunch FEEL
Hearty, grayish-green bowlful SPLITPEASOUP
Houston was its first president REPUBLICOFTEXAS
Inflate, as expenses PAD
Ivan with three U.S. Open wins LENDL
Jimmy of the Daily Planet OLSEN
Joins an office pool BETS
Key in, say ENTER
Clues Answers
Leave the station DEPART
Like artificial fruit WAXEN
Like Sen. Sanders IND
Literary detective Spade SAM
Mae West request to Beulah PEELMEAGRAPE
Mercury or cobalt METAL
Michael Savage’s medium RADIO
Most common noble gas ARGON
Nametag word HELLO
Off-mike comment ASIDE
Oracle’s place DELPHI
Part of a string section CELLO
Partner of fauna FLORA
Partner of kicking ALIVE
Pitchman’s speech SPIEL
Pluto, to Mickey Mouse PET
Polynesian carving TIKI
Put a match to LIT
Rescue, as a pet ADOPT
Reznor of Nine Inch Nails TRENT
Rink leap AXEL
Schiller’s “___ to Joy” ODE
Sign over a theater door EXIT
Simple rhyme scheme ABAB
Smooth-talking GLIB
Smoothed, as a sand trap RAKED
Snowstorm formation DRIFT
Super shindig BASH
Sure-handed ADEPT
Taproom offering ALE
Things to be cured ILLS
Topped the field LED
Tourist mecca near Java BALI
Victory for Ventura, once PIN
Well-suited ABLE
Witch’s ride BROOM
Wrap snugly, as in a blanket SWATHE
Year-end hire TEMP
___ for (choose) OPT

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