USA Today – Mar 23 2018

Clues Answers
“If that’s true . . .” THEN
“Me, Myself & ___” (Carrey movie) IRENE
“Say again?” WHAT
1951 movie about Nero QUOVADIS
Auger or gimlet BORINGTOOL
Banded cameo stone ONYX
Become less hostile THAW
Blot on a credit report LIEN
Boarding pass-checking org TSA
Bramble bush features THORNS
Budget or Dollar offering CAR
Bushel or peck DRYMEASURE
Camaro maker, casually CHEVY
Camera bag item LENS
Card game with melds RUMMY
Cat’s utterance PURR
Cat’s utterance MEOW
Creating a nest egg, say SAVINGUP
Crossing the goal line, say SCORING
Cyclist’s stunt LEAP
Denizen of Hades DEMON
Dos Equis competitor CORONA
Enjoying downtime LAZING
Fall bloomer, familiarly MUM
Farm drudge of yore SERF
Feature of matte paint DULLFINISH
Finnish tech giant NOKIA
Fish in northern lakes PIKE
Friendly dog’s offering PAW
Get benefit from USE
Give off, as radiation EMIT
Hall of Fame inductee GREAT
Hide-hair link NOR
Hosiery ruiner SNAG
Increase the grade of STEEPEN
Insect in a colony ANT
It’s entered in court PLEA
Its app has a fare estimate feature UBER
Kingsley who wrote “Jake’s Thing” AMIS
Clues Answers
Lebanon’s locale ASIA
Like rooftop panels SOLAR
Made a rip in TORE
Made finer, as flour SIFTED
Members of 20-beast teams MULES
Occupies the throne RULES
Offers as an afterthought ADDS
Offers to auditioners PARTS
Oilers’ milieux SEAS
Optimum height on a grocery shelf EYELEVEL
Particles in supercolliders ATOMS
Piggy bank deposit COIN
Pine exudation RESIN
Play with, as a dreidel SPIN
Pre-K recitation ABCS
Prominent item in werewolf movies MOON
Promote a book or CD, perhaps TOUR
Questionnaire datum SEX
Railroad crossing word STOP
Reply to “Get it?” ISEE
Resells after a sellout, perhaps SCALPS
Retirement facility, for some RESTHOME
Sarcastic “Sorry!” SUEME
Site for bidders EBAY
Snack for Homer Simpson DONUT
Solo that may elicit a “Brava!” ARIA
Stage honor since 1956 OBIE
Suppress, as anxiety QUELL
Surrounded by AMID
Take unlawfully USURP
Target of a surgical tuck TUMMY
Thin out, as a herd CULL
Touch, as along a border ABUT
Triple Crown segment RACE
Wall-mounted TV feature FLATSCREEN
Waste time DALLY
Wonder Woman, e.g AMAZON
Wool substitute created by DuPont ORLON
Word before list or loin SHORT

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