USA Today – Mar 24 2018

Clues Answers
“American Dad!” dad STAN
“Besides which . . .” ALSO
“Calling” cosmetics company AVON
“High Hopes” lyricist Sammy CAHN
“Hollaback Girl” singer GWENSTEFANI
“You ___ me at hello” HAD
Actuarial figure AGE
Ames campus IOWASTATE
Any of the Rolling Stones ROCKSTAR
Artery woes CLOTS
As of now SOFAR
Bassoon, 55-Down et al REEDS
Bird on a Canadian dollar LOON
Blew one’s stack RAGED
Bunyan’s blue ox BABE
Capital in a Cole Porter song PAREE
Carpet feature PILE
Cockpit reading (Abbr.) ALT
Cold sufferer’s supply TISSUES
Compass letters hidden in various orders in 21-, 37- and 52-Across NEWS
Discharged, as 36-Across SPEWED
Don’t merely pass ACE
Double Delight cookie OREO
Dr. Seuss, notably CHILDRENSWRITER
Ecstasy’s counterpart AGONY
English horn relative OBOE
Expands upon, with “out” FLESHES
Fraternal fellow ELK
Full of sass PERT
Funereal heap PYRE
Garlicky French sauce AIOLI
Griffey Jr. in Cooperstown KEN
Hoops or gridiron position GUARD
Land visited by Anna SIAM
Like a freshman FIRSTYEAR
Logan Airport code BOS
Macaroni shape ELBOW
Make 58-Across BAN
Mount Pelee outflow LAVA
Clues Answers
Movie with the catchword “Not!” WAYNESWORLD
MP’s quarry AWOL
Once-per-second sound TICK
Paintball impact sound SPLAT
Palm or fern leaf FROND
PBS science show since 1974 NOVA
Perrier competitor EVIAN
Pewter and solder, for two ALLOYS
Picnic race need SACK
Pseudo-stylish ARTY
Real estate ad figure AREA
Reports unfairly SKEWS
Response to “Marco!” POLO
Rock that’s “fracked” SHALE
Rocky road holders CONES
Royal foul-up SNAFU
Seemingly forever EON
Silent goodbyes WAVES
Skier’s aid TOW
Slender-waisted insect WASP
State firmly AVOW
Strictly off-limits TABOO
Subjects for biographers LIVES
Suffix with billion AIRE
The Emerald Isle, to poets ERIN
The four in “Aida” ACTS
Timbuktu’s land MALI
Totally absurd INANE
Traveling circus, e.g TENTSHOW
Turn aside, as a gaze AVERT
Union pariah SCAB
Utter, as a sigh HEAVE
Wasabi ___ (bar snack) PEAS
Where Kasich governs OHIO
Witch feature, stereotypically WART
Won four of four games, say SWEPT
Word with minimum or living WAGE
___-chef (kitchen aide) SOUS

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