USA Today – Mar 25 2018

Clues Answers
“Meet John Doe” director Frank CAPRA
“Rope-a-dope” boxer ALI
“Therefore . . .” HENCE
A son of Archie Manning ELI
Absorb punishment TAKEIT
Adapt for new uses REFIT
Audiophile’s setup, once HIFI
Back muscles, informally LATS
Basis for a civil suit TORT
Buckaroos’ show RODEO
Catlike carnivore CIVET
Cohost of Seacrest RIPA
Compass doodles ARCS
Containing double entendres, say RACY
Cruise quarters CABIN
Designated driver’s quaff SODA
Do a hatchet job on DEFAME
Double-dealer’s quality GUILE
Ernest J. Keebler, e.g ELF
Fit of pique HUFF
Grasslands of South America PAMPAS
Gravy Cravers brand ALPO
Ill-fated force of 1588 ARMADA
Island home to Gauguin TAHITI
Israeli money SHEKELS
Job for a seamster TEAR
Judi who played Elizabeth I DENCH
Kind of sausage LINK
Latish lunchtime ONE
Like a boomerang BENT
Like the Sabin vaccine ORAL
Lost intensity EBBED
Many an Aesopian character ANIMAL
March extravaganza, with “the” OSCARS
Milker’s need PAIL
Nikkei Index currency YEN
Nomadic armies HORDES
Out of the sack RISEN
Out of work IDLE
Clues Answers
Part of a golf cap VISOR
Petty quarrels TIFFS
Place to luxuriate SPA
Privy to INON
Range with llamas ANDES
Red or Dead SEA
Referee’s or judge’s no-no BIAS
Reformers’ targets ILLS
Responds, in “Jeopardy!” ASKS
River through Kazakhstan URAL
Salon sound SNIP
Sine or cosine RATIO
Sniper’s asset AIM
Social goofball NERD
Sound at a petting zoo BAA
Squirming in one’s seat ANTSY
Step dancer’s song REEL
Street-lining trees ELMS
Sulky puller’s pace TROT
Take a day off, say REST
Take a free sample of TASTE
They tag people in posts FACEBOOKFRIENDS
They tag their opponents, sometimes BASEBALLPLAYERS
They tag their work GRAFFITIARTISTS
Tippler’s debt BARTAB
Tot’s wheels, informally TRIKE
Totally pointless INANE
Touch up, as text EMEND
Tree with needles FIR
Tupperware sound BURP
Unhealthy-looking ASHY
Victim of a carnivorous plant FLY
Waffle in the freezer aisle EGGO
Word after photo or black OPS
Words after many wrong turns, perhaps IMLOST
Young kiltie LAD
Zodiac beast LEO
___ disk (spot on the retina) OPTIC
___ Turnblad (“Hairspray” role) EDNA

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