USA Today – Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
“Nana” author Emile ZOLA
“Sell when the price hits $50,” say STOPORDER
“Smooth Operator” singer SADE
Add holly to, say ADORN
Aerate, as a lawn ROTOTILL
Angels and Devils TEAMS
Annual vaccine target FLU
Antitheft device ALARM
Ashe Stadium units SETS
Assault like a Stooge SLAP
Assembly stages STEPS
Attack on Troy, e.g SIEGE
Bassoon’s kin OBOE
Bug-eating burrower SHREW
Calf-length slacks PEDALPUSHERS
Capitol Hill helper AIDE
Chickpea holder POD
Cinnabon allure AROMA
Common mo. to 60-Across APR
Dinners with speakers, often BANQUETS
Faberge egg insets GEMS
Farmscape sight SILO
Flexible, like a ballerina LITHE
Folklore brute OGRE
Foolish folks BOZOS
Former flames EXES
Fourth little piggy’s share NONE
Green sage of sci-fi YODA
Groundskeeper’s roll SOD
Guesstimate word ABOUT
H, to Hellenes ETA
Harbor, as a fugitive ABET
Head skyward RISE
Hooting hatchling OWLET
In dots and dashes, maybe CODED
Intense craving YEN
Lamp dweller of lore GENIE
Liable to talk back SASSY
Lily pad occupant FROG
Clues Answers
Meryl of “The Post” STREEP
Neat as a pin TIDY
Nerve, slangily MOXIE
Not just occasionally ALOT
Notation after a clef KEYSIGNATURE
Overhead bin items BAGS
Pause, on a score REST
Place for passers, on a highway LEFTLANE
Politico Santorum RICK
Ponderer’s sound HMM
Punter’s asset LEG
Ready for a gunfight ARMED
Rite involving water BAPTISM
Showed terror PALED
Shows curiosity ASKS
Sign of what’s to come OMEN
Stagecoach team member HORSE
Stem-to-stern structure KEEL
Streetlight circler MOTH
Submit a paperless return EFILE
Superhero creator Stan LEE
Syrup in gingerbread MOLASSES
Take-home figure NETPAY
The younger Manning ELI
They’re struck by bodybuilders POSES
Thins out DILUTES
Tighten up, as text EDIT
Toon stinker Le Pew PEPE
Trending posts MEMES
Uncle on recruiting posters SAM
Unrealistic notion PIPEDREAM
Urban renewal target SLUM
Viva voce test ORAL
Wader with a curved bill IBIS
Wind of 34-47 knots GALE
Wisecracker’s line QUIP
Woolly animal at a petting zoo LLAMA
Writer whose mission/Is rhymed composition POET
__-whiz technology GEE

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