USA Today – Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
“Roots” author Haley ALEX
“___ means war!” THIS
(None of the above) OTHER
Add a kick to LACE
Aetna offering, briefly HMO
Barista’s offering LATTE
Baseball bat maker’s tool LATHE
Beer buys CASES
Bubble-blower’s mouthful GUM
Buckshot and BBs, briefly AMMO
Campus dorm’s donor, often ALUM
Circular flow EDDY
Couples in tabloids ITEMS
Creation for a 47-Down DISH
Dharma’s sitcom mate GREG
Diddly-squat NADA
Don’t leave to chance PLAN
Earthy pigment OCHER
Election tiebreaker RUNOFF
Fiery felony ARSON
Frisky fish-eater OTTER
Fudge a fact FIB
Gear features COGS
Getting sharper, as an image COMINGINTOFOCUS
Hangover sufferer’s application, maybe ICEBAG
Hydrant hookup HOSE
In fine fettle HALE
Iowa’s ___ Colonies AMANA
KGB’s Cold War counterpart CIA
Kiltie’s turndown NAE
Laser pointer’s output BEAM
Letter-shaped girder IBAR
Like city real estate, usually ZONED
Like sidewalk dining ALFRESCO
Like white tigers RARE
Long, sticky part of an anteater TONGUE
Lucy Lawless title role XENA
Marilyn Monroe facial feature MOLE
Model builder’s adhesive EPOXY
Clues Answers
Monopoly purchase HOUSE
Music genre similar to goth EMO
Not an option NEEDED
Not going splitsville STAYINGTOGETHER
On the edge of one’s seat AGOG
One of 10, for a kegler FRAME
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Org. with an elephant logo GOP
Partner of gloom DOOM
Piece of cake, so to speak BREEZE
Play shortstop, say FIELD
Producers of produce FARMS
Provo’s state UTAH
Refinery deliveries ORES
Resistance unit OHM
Returns destination (Abbr.) IRS
Rewrite for a movie, say ADAPT
Seeking an Olympic victory GOINGFORTHEGOLD
Shaft in a drivetrain AXLE
Shakespearean eloper ROMEO
Shar-___ (wrinkly dog) PEI
Shifter’s selection GEAR
Skipper’s spot HELM
Speed-of-light particle PHOTON
St. Louis Cardinals’ nickname REDBIRDS
St. Louis landmark ARCH
Start of an invention IDEA
Subtly suggest GETAT
Supermodel’s asset FIGURE
Thanksgiving tradition DINNER
Tiara insets GEMS
To some degree ABIT
Toddler’s taboo NONO
Untouchables leader NESS
Valerie Harper title role RHODA
Vintage, on store signs OLDE
Waffle in the freezer aisle EGGO
Wingding BASH
___ Poupon (mustard brand) GREY

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