USA Today – Mar 28 2018

Clues Answers
“Ain’t happening” NOPE
“Beauty and the Beast” girl BELLE
“Cross my heart!” NOLIE
“Smoke on the Water” band DEEPPURPLE
“X” may mark it SPOT
20-Across datum AREA
A shirt tag may irritate it NAPE
Alan of “Argo” ARKIN
Alpine climber’s tool ICEAX
Antiseptic element IODINE
Appeared to be SEEMED
Ashen complexion PALLOR
Barbecued slab RIBS
Becomes less cordial COOLS
Cash, slangily MOOLA
Chunk of history ERA
Cluttered state MESS
Cookie with a Thin Bites variety OREO
County Kerry’s land EIRE
Document in a safe, perhaps DEED
Does a double take, say REACTS
Electrified swords EPEES
Fateful day in March IDES
Five-armed creature SEASTAR
Flu season protection SHOT
Get smart with SASS
Gossip’s tidbit RUMOR
Hallmark birthday card section NIECE
Hatchlings’ homes NESTS
How-to presentation, for short DEMO
Import with a four-ring logo AUDI
It doesn’t fly on the Shabbat ELAL
Item changed at a pit stop TIRE
Just ___ (slightly) ATAD
Kazan with an honorary Oscar ELIA
Land liberated by San Martin PERU
Last stroke, usually PUTT
Last Supper attendee APOSTLE
Late meal, in kidspeak DINDIN
Clues Answers
Like a tuned piano string TAUT
Like cotton candy SPUN
Like trade-ins USED
Make-believe cowboy’s weapon CAPPISTOL
Malamutes’ burden SLED
Measurer of public opinion GALLUPPOLL
Meats on some subs SALAMIS
Message containing emojis, perhaps TEXT
More than enough AMPLE
One of a MLB quartet UMP
Opened, as a keg TAPPED
Org. encouraging flossing ADA
Pants part SEAT
Paparazzo’s wares, for short PICS
Part of a calyx SEPAL
Pedometer unit STEP
Petty squabble SPAT
Place for a mud bath SPA
Place to carry a flask HIPPOCKET
Planning session offering IDEA
Pot-scrubber’s aid SOAPPAD
Pour, as port DECANT
Pyramid’s top APEX
Ready to blow one’s stack IRATE
Reference named for a Titan ATLAS
Rod in a grill SPIT
Sips from a flask NIPS
Sneaker bottom’s pattern TREAD
Songs in Bollywood soundtracks RAGAS
Start of a gridiron play SNAP
Tied tightly SECURED
Time traveler’s destination PAST
To whom a caliph prays ALLAH
Try for a part READ
Use a church key on UNCAP
Vowel sound in “fox” SHORTO
Where GIs shop PXS
Word after teen or matinee IDOL
Word game piece TILE

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