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USA Today – Mar 29 2018

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Clues Answers
“Big” burger MAC
“Rarely, if ___ . . .” EVER
Air travelers’ printouts ETICKETS
Arabian Peninsula port ADEN
Artfully dodge EVADE
Athenian in a Shakespeare title TIMON
Auth. unknown ANON
Banana peel mishap SLIP
Barricade put up by police CRIMESCENETAPE
Beantown team, for short SOX
Befitting a king REGAL
Boy in a Johnny Cash song SUE
Canton’s state OHIO
Caramel-filled Hershey’s candy ROLO
Channel-changing device SELECTOR
Chicago exchange, for short MERC
Choice seating at the opera LOGE
Coin depicting a torch DIME
Comrade in arms ALLY
Corner cut, in carpentry MITER
Cross-dresser in a Kinks tune LOLA
Defeat by a whisker EDGE
Denny’s competitor IHOP
Diddly-squat NIL
Driftwood carrier TIDE
Dunham of “Girls” LENA
Dutch cheese city EDAM
Ecology-minded Seuss character LORAX
Fate of Iran’s last shah EXILE
Fay of “King Kong” WRAY
Gave a shave and a haircut to BARBERED
Gibson in Cooperstown BOB
Give the slip to ELUDE
Hoofbeat sound CLOP
Important mineral in blood IRON
In itself PERSE
Investment with a fluctuating return MARKETLINKEDCD
Item in a kitchen rack SPICE
Jerry Rice’s eight career touchdowns, e.g SUPERBOWLRECORD
Clues Answers
Khloe or Kourtney, to Kim SISTER
Landmark to remember ALAMO
Laugh-a-minute sort RIOT
Line on a card, perhaps NOTE
Line on a card, perhaps CUE
Mariner’s guiding light POLESTAR
Nash rhymed it with “thonx” BRONX
Nativity scene trio MAGI
Not at all wordy TERSE
Number on a marathon marker MILE
Of late NEWLY
One with seniority ELDER
One- or 11-pointers ACES
Parishioners’ response AMEN
Pedometer count STEPS
Played the first card LED
Prefix meaning “billionth” NANO
Prey for a 62-Across DEER
Prospector’s jackpot LODE
Prove false NEGATE
Rearer of Tarzan APE
Rooms with La-Z-Boys, often DENS
Sale ad word ONLY
Scrub, as a liftoff ABORT
Serenade the villain BOO
Shepherd in Genesis ABEL
Singing partner of Peter and Paul MARY
Somewhat, on a score POCO
Stared with awe GAPED
Stir-fry vessel WOK
Take one’s leave EXIT
Toolbar image ICON
Turf ___ (football malady) TOE
Twangy, vocally NASAL
Viral videos, e.g MEMES
Wildcat with tufted ears LYNX
Wing or flipper LIMB
Word after matinee or teen IDOL