USA Today – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
___ 3D (movie format) IMAX
“___ fightin’ words!” THEMS
“Dallas” matriarch ELLIE
“Essays of ___” (Lamb work) ELIA
“The Fall” novelist Albert CAMUS
Appoint, as to an office NAME
Barnyard bleater EWE
Baseball Triple Crown stat RBI
Behave like a brat ACTUP
Big galoot APE
Bowler or boater HAT
Business bigwig, briefly EXEC
Butting heads ATODDS
Call a halt to CEASE
Carnival setups TENTS
Change from R to PG, say RERATE
Companion of the id EGO
Creator of Kanga and Eeyore MILNE
Credit alternative DEBIT
Daytona 500 org. NASCAR
Did a 10K RAN
Dog or wolf CANINE
Doll’s cry MAMA
Elude the seeker HIDE
FBI agent, slangily GMAN
Flooring pro TILER
Folk tales LORE
From the top AGAIN
Gem State capital BOISE
Get too close to CROWD
Greased part of a car AXLE
Icky stuff GOO
Insider’s offering TIP
Introduces to the mix ADDS IN
King in “Salome” HEROD
Less likely to err ABLER
Like an owl, it’s said WISE
Lost on purpose THREW
Lot and lots SLEWS
Margarita garnish LIME
Mary of “The Maltese Falcon” ASTOR
Minstrel’s instrument LUTE
Mobiles, stabiles, etc. ART
Mosque leader IMAM
No longer dating APART
Palm reader, e.g. SEER
Patronizes Avis, say RENTS
Play for a sap USE
Played first, in bridge LED
Plow-pulling team OXEN
President after Harry IKE
Railroad track measure GAUGE
React to mold, as cheese RIPEN
RSVP addressees HOSTS
Scrap, at Canaveral ABORT
Shaq who starred on the 39-Across ONEAL
Sing with nonsense syllables SCAT
Slinky shapes COILS
Smelter refuse SLAG
Sporting venue with lanes SWIMMING POOL
St. Louis landmark ARCH
Steven of Aerosmith TYLER
Super-secure airline ELAL
Sword’s superior, it’s said PEN
Taco salad ingredient SALSA
Talking stuffed bear of movies TED
Terhune title dog LAD
Tony or Edgar AWARD
U. of Maryland athlete TERP
Venus flytrap’s catch INSECT
Vile-smelling ACRID
Visiting Europe, say ABROAD
Whopper alternative BIGMAC
Within earshot of NEAR
World’s No. 1 polluter CHINA

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