USA Today – Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
“Encore presentation,” familiarly RERUN
“Framed” movie rabbit ROGER
“Good job!” NICE
“Just my rotten luck!” RATS
“Speechless” star MINNIEDRIVER
“Spring forward” letters DST
“Taste the Feeling!” soda brand, informally COKE
Air traveler’s headache DELAY
Analog film units REELS
Astronomical explosion NOVA
Birthplace of Saint Francis ASSISI
Board game randomizer DIE
Break a courtroom oath LIE
Brought to ruin UNDONE
Bug to no end ANNOY
Bush Center sch SMU
Call to a rescuer SOS
Came to light AROSE
Car wash supply RAGS
Chicken’s crossing place ROAD
Chinese Disney heroine MULAN
Conclude through logic INFER
Cookie crumbled into desserts OREO
Creator of frankenfood GENETICENGINEER
Crop-damaging rodent VOLE
Currency of Cuba PESO
Deflected basketball score TIPIN
Early lunch hour, perhaps ELEVEN
Eccentric Roman emperor NERO
Epidermal opening PORE
Falcon’s attack SWOOP
Finds a purpose for USES
First preposition in “The Raven” UPON
Fly erratically FLIT
Gaming mecca on I-80 RENO
Gastric juice components ACIDS
Gawked at EYED
Clues Answers
Gershon of “P.S. I Love You” GINA
Harry Potter’s is made of holly WAND
In a big way ALOT
In ___ (playing the same notes) UNISON
It makes jelly jell PECTIN
Lakeside tosser STONESKIPPER
Last in a Greek series OMEGA
Leap on blades AXEL
Luau finger food POI
Marx with a curly wig HARPO
Maze solver’s goal EXIT
More than just mischievous EVIL
Mortar shell trajectory ARC
Packed, as a pistol TOTED
Polygons, e.g SHAPES
Postgame summary RECAP
Proof of ownership DEED
Prospectors’ strikes ORES
Rachael who coined “EVOO” RAY
Radisson competitor OMNI
Reached first base GOTON
Release granted by a board PAROLE
Reply to “Who’s there?” ITISI
Self-centered sorts EGOTISTS
Self-described “non-musician” of ambient music BRIANENO
Sock-in-the-eye consequence SHINER
Soda jerk’s concoction MALT
Sound from a bunkhouse SNORE
Souvenir top TEE
Start of a series, hopefully TELEVISIONPILOT
Subway buy HERO
Tour workers GUIDES
Try to slim down DIET
Unfair, unbalanced viewpoint BIAS
Whodunit evidence PRINTS
Word before party or beetle STAG
___-book exam OPEN
___-GMO (food label) NON

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