USA Today – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
___ of habeas corpus WRIT
___ one’s time (wait) BIDE
___ Roberts University ORAL
“Drove my Chevy to the levee” song AMERICAN PIE
“Key ___” (Bogart/Bacall movie) LATGO
“One Sweet Day” singer Mariah CAREY
“Pronto!” in the OR STAT
“Wonderfilled” cookie OREO
2000 Zellweger movie NURSE BETTY
50-50 wager EVEN BET
A Trump daughter IVANKA
Bad boy in “Toy Story” SID
Banished Roman poet OVID
Bank that “never sleeps” CITI
Barbed comments JABS
Be of service to AVAIL
Biblical homicide victim ABEL
Blows a gasket RAGES
Boat for couples ARK
Bow-toting god EROS
Brand of indoor balls NERF
Brand with an owl’s-eye logo WISE
Chevy muscle cars CAMAROS
Computer room headache PRINTER JAM
Costume jewelry PASTE
Diarist portrayed in “Henry & June” NIN
Dimwitted dog of comics ODIE
Employee’s ID, maybe BADGE
Enchantress of Greek myth CIRCLE
Expressed disappointment over BEMOANED
Foe of Montague CAPULET
Geek Squad caller USER
Get even for AVENGE
Get the gist of SEE
Give off, as an odor EMIT
Hindu masters SWAMIS
Holler “fore” at, say WARN
Human resources concern JOB TURN OVER
Ivanovic of tennis ANA
Japanese leader of WWII TOJO
Lama land TIBET
Lay bare, to a poet OPE
Like a quiche EGGY
Marquee topper STAR
Multiplex offering MOVIE
Music store wares AMPS
One might include a 14-Across DATE
Petty of “Tank Girl” LORI
Pink, at a steakhouse RARE
Place for a seaside stroll PIER
Place to spar RING
Poles supported by rigging MASTS
Potato peelers’ excisions EYES
Purveyor of soups and salads DELI
Rebuke to Brutus ETTU
Samuel Adams offering LAGER
Sans-serif typeface ARIAL
Scene of temptation EDEN
Seductress of the sea SIREN
Send to cloud nine ELATE
Shakespeare’s “___ Andronicus” TITUS
Shot put, e.g. EVENT
Showed, as fangs BARED
Small role for a 6-Across CAMEO
Snow tire feature STUD
Suffix with billion AIRE
Tackle a job GET ON IT
Talk like Popeye RASP
The Gaels’ college IONA
Thick soup or stew POTAGE
Throw a wingding for FETE
Thurman of “The Producers” UMA
Ultimatum ender ELSE
Uncredited, as a quote (Abbr.) ANON
Unwelcome winter forecast SLEET
Wallach of “The Ghost Writer” ELI
Went berserk RAMPAGED
Word after sing or tag ALONG

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