USA Today – Mar 5 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 5 2018 Monday 

Clues Answers
“___ takers?” ANY
“A-laying” birds of song GEESE
“It’s a calamity!” OH NO
“Riverdance” dance JIG
“When do we want it?” response NOW
Aslan or Simba LION
Bent accessory for Dilbert TIE
Big fuss ADO
Big Pharma’s overseer FDA
Blood bank supply SERUM
Breath Savers purchase ROLL
Bull’s sound SNORT
Center Shaq ONEAL
Chess set figurines MEN
Clarinetists’ needs REEDS
Cliffside nestlings EAGLETS
Closed down ENDED
Coastal crasher WAVE
Collects bit by bit GLEANS
Corn Belt metropolis OMAHA
Crooner ___ King Cole NAT
Dasani competitor EVIAN
Dundee damsel LASS
Eastern “way” TAO
Expected to give birth DUE
Feeling of hunger PANG
Grab the tab PAY
Hard to grab hold of EELY
Helped with the dishes DRIED
Hepburn of “On Golden Pond” KATHARINE
Insiders’ suggestions TIPS
Involved with, as a plot INON
Jedi exiled to Dagobah YODA
Job involving prediction METEOROLOGIST
Job involving prediction METEOROLOGIST
Job involving prediction METEOROLOGIST
Job involving prediction METEOROLOGIST
Kelly of talk TV RIPA
Kennedy family, notably CLAN
Kent State’s state OHIO
Leave no trace of ERASE
Legally old enough OFAGE
Like a bad apple, perhaps WORM EATEN
Lincoln Center showstoppers ARIAS
Luxuriously furnished POSH
Made a meal of HAD
Makeup of Moses’ tablets STONE
Many a Cooking Channel figure CHEF
Middle of Porky Pig’s signoff ALL
Military group UNIT
Movie with a mechanical shark JAWS
Orchestra-funding org. NEA
Present with a blue ribbon, say HONOR
Prez or veep, e.g. POL
Prying sort SNOOPER
Quayle’s successor GORE
Reception bowlful PUNCH
Seashell yield NACRE
Send off EMIT
Shivers-inducing EERIE
Silt deposit formation DELTA
Sophia of “El Cid” LOREN
Sought secrets, in a way SPIED
Staycation alternative TRIP
Strand during a winter storm ICEIN
Subdue with a shock TASE
Subway Series team METS
Sugar borrower’s quantity CUP
Thurman of “Prime” UMA
Treated terribly ILLUSED
Tree-climber’s handful LIMB
Vatican City surrounder ROME
Weasel’s malodorous cousin POLECAT
Wintry downfall SLEET
Word before justice or license POETIC
Word before school or hat OLD
Worshipped one IDOL
Wouldn’t release KEPT

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