USA Today – Mar 6 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 6 2018 

Clues Answers
___-mo replay SLO
“American Idol” contestant’s goal STARDOM
“As a result . . .” HENCE
“Toodles!” SEEYA
A or B, but not O NOTE
Alan of “Catch-22” ARKIN
Anne ___ (Henry VIII’s second) BOLEYN
Apples, but not oranges POMES
Asgard ruler ODIN
Atlas, for one TITAN
Autumn blossom, briefly MUM
Barnyard sound BLEAT
Becomes extinct DIESOUT
Below-average grade CMINUS
Beluga or shad yield ROE
Beverage store bagful ICE
Big galoot APE
Bit of evidence SCRAP
Book jacket parts FLAPS
Carte blanche FREEHAND
Closest buds, in texts BFFS
Coin-in-a-fountain sound PLOP
Dealer in stolen goods FENCE
Decides democratically VOTES ON
Deck out ADORN
Delany of “Body of Proof” DANA
Draw in the margins, say DOODLE
Drove obliquely, as a nail TOED
Eats or drinks HAS
Fabric used as a strainer CHEESE CLOTH
Fails to keep pace TRAILS
Falco of “Nurse Jackie” EDIE
Fanzine, e.g. MAG
Fathered on the farm SIRED
Fender dings DENTS
Florist’s item VASE
Found contemptible DESPISED
Friend you may never have met PENPAL
Frosty’s eyes COAL
Give an invocation PRAY
Groan evoker BADPUN
Hieroglyphics beetle SCARAB
Immigrant rights org. ACLU
iPad downloads APPS
Is gaga about ADORES
Like a gut course EASY
Like mortals? MERE
Main contents GAS
Managed care giant AETNA
Many bills in tip jars ONES
Michael Strahan dental feature GAP
Mireille of “World War Z” ENOS
Paper used for carbon copies ONION SKIN
Park or Peyton PLACE
Partner of dandy FINE
Phone ___ (office annoyance) TAG
Pinball flub TILT
Place for a facial SPA
Place for Hemingway’s Old Man SEA
Pro ___ (proportionally) RATA
Punk rock, to detractors NOISE
Reached terra firma ALIT
Reason to pass a peace pipe TREATY
Recent USNA grad ENS
Rosebush pest APHID
Run, as a committee meeting CHAIR
Seedy part of an apple CORE
Self-defense in a can PEPPER SPRAY
Stretchy, sleeveless shirt TUBETOP
Suffix with Oktober FEST
They’re apt to overemote HAMACTORS
Tom Brady’s team, for short PATS
Townshend of the Who PETE
Troi aboard the Enterprise DEANNA
Ungrammatical contraction AINT
What Santa double-checks LIST
Wimbledon award CUP
Word before history or hygiene ORAL

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