USA Today – Mar 7 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 7 2018 Wednesday 

Clues Answers
“___ the fields we go . . .” OER
“A ___ of star-crossed lovers” PAIR
“First Blood” tough guy RAMBO
“Wabbit” hunter Fudd ELMER
“Where’s George?” bills ONES
“Win some, lose some” THATSLIFE
17-Across’s series of novels BESTSELLERS
39-Across, sometimes EXIT
A whole bunch TONS
Aquafina competitor EVIAN
At leisure OFF
Author of an alphabetic series of mysteries SUEGRAFTON
Big lug APE
Bird on some quarters EAGLE
Bone near the funny bone ULNA
Car named for an inventor TESLA
Catch, as fly balls SHAG
Caustic cleansers LYES
Chaotic scene ZOO
Choose, as one’s successor ANOINT
Common eye color HAZEL
Component of warfare since WWI AIRPOWER
Dixieland horn TUBA
Drink with scones TEA
Elbow-bender TOPER
Exchange verbal jabs SPAR
French lifestyle magazine ELLE
Garlicky condiment AIOLI
Get exactly right NAIL
Gives a Bronx cheer to RAZZES
Go back on a deal RENEGE
Greek or Tasmanian peak OSSA
Gridder sporting a fleur-de-lis logo SAINT
Gyro bread PITA
Happen as a result ENSUE
Journey for Kirk TREK
Kick out of office OUST
Kittens’ cries MEWS
Lake named for a tribe ERIE
Latest Beatle to be knighted STARR
Like a centenarian OLD
Like Swimsuit Issue models SEXY
Mascara target LASH
McGregor of “Star Wars” movies EWAN
Neither here ___ there NOR
Nobel Prize awardee LAUREATE
On the briny ASEA
One of 15 in this puzzle ROW
Opportunity, so to speak DOOR
Paperless IRS return EFILE
Reunion attendee, for short GRAD
Romeo or Juliet TEEN
See 2-Down HAIR
Sharp as a tack KEEN
Sing like a bird TRILL
Slender woodwind OBOE
Sofa that may double as a bed DIVAN
Some limo destinations PROMS
Something to plug HOLE
Spa wrap ROBE
Speeder’s risk FINE
Stand at a board meeting EASEL
Stone of “La La Land” EMMA
They’re boosted when they’re massaged EGOS
Title of the first book in the 17-Across series AISFORALIBI
Title of the unwritten finale to the 17-Across series ZISFORZERO
Totaled, as a bar tab RANTO
Tyler Perry title role MADEA
Uber app feature MAP
Up to the job ABLE
Verdi heroine in the Temple of Vulcan AIDA
Vertical part of a stair RISER
Villainous look SNEER
Was partial to PREFERRED
Weds like Romeo and Juliet ELOPES
White House staffer AIDE
Winter coat lining FUR
With 64-Across, Marge Simpson feature BLUE

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