USA Today – Mar 8 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 8 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
___ JAIL (Monopoly square) GOTO
“Aladdin” prince ALI
“Baseball” documentarian Burns KEN
“Famous” cookiemaker AMOS
“Portnoy’s Complaint” author ROTH
“What ___ ya got?” ELSE
1979 Mel Gibson title role MADMAX
Aviator with the right stuff YEAGER
Batter’s asset EYE
Big name in kitchen wraps ALCOA
Bit of bling BANGLE
Boardwalk treats ICES
Boatload TON
Broad-bladed medieval weapon POLEAX
Broke off CEASED
Bunker filler SAND
Butler at Tara RHETT
Cartoonist Addams, informally CHAS
Charlie of old whodunits CHAN
Checked items HATS
Controversial NFL team name REDSKINS
Crossed one’s fingers HOPED
Do some cutting, maybe EDIT
Draw support from LEANON
Easter candy shape EGG
Eggs on sushi ROE
Give the third degree to GRILL
Go for eels SNIGGLE
Go gray, perhaps AGE
Gopher’s creation HOLE
Harry’s pal at Hogwarts RON
Hasenpfeffer, e.g. STEW
Hockey thug GOON
Incurred, as a bar tab RANUP
Indoor track event SIXTY METER DASH
It’s about 22 months, for African elephants GESTATION PERIOD
Kept in touch, in a way WROTE
Kind of change SMALL
Kitten’s pickup spot NAPE
Last of a series OMEGA
Londoner’s raincoat MAC
Margaret who lampooned Kim Jong Il CHO
Missile’s path ARC
More deserving of an R rating RACIER
Muscle quality TONE
Orthodontist’s concern BITE
Pivotal WWII time DDAY
Polytheist, perhaps PAGAN
Puts up with SUFFERS
Quizmaster Trebek ALEX
Reader’s download EBOOK
Rocketry’s Wernher von ___ BRAUN
Schlemiel LOSER
Second in preference NEXT BEST
Secretary of State after Ed Muskie ALHAIG
Seller of edible silver dollars IHOP
Served 64-Across, say LADLED
Shaving gel additive ALOE
Snake dance tribe HOPI
South American crusher ANACONDA
Still-life pitchers EWERS
Supreme Court count NINE
Tax table categories INCOME BRACKETS
Teen fave IDOL
Tell, as a tale RELATE
They’re split by nitpickers HAIRS
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Top spot ACME
Tree with catkins ALDER
Tribal emblem TOTEM
Unwilling to bend STRICT
Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde,” e.g. OPERA
Warmed the bench SAT
Well-known FAMED

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