USA Today – Mar 9 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 9 2018 Friday 

Clues Answers
___ Fit (exercise video game) WII
___-whiz technology GEE
“A ___ formality!” MERE
“Bearded” bloom IRIS
“Exeunt,” for one STAGE DIRECTION
“Home on the Range” animals DEER
“Like a Rock” singer Bob SEGER
“Who’s on First?” straight man ABBOTT
4-Down contents ART
5-Down occupant BOAT
A dictator may impose it MARTIAL LAW
Aardvark’s morsel ANT
Any of four U.K. galleries TATE
Any of the Hebrides ISLE
Applied aloe to SOOTHED
Assists, as a fugitive ABETS
Belfry site STEEPLE
Boarded, as a bus GOT ON
Boy Scouts outing HIKE
Bring up, as a grievance AIR
Bronte’s governess EYRE
Cheese partner, for short MAC
Choice word ELSE
City area, informally URB
Comes as a result ENSUES
Devil’s facial feature GOATEE
Dipstick wipers RAGS
Dumb as a rock DENSE
Ethan ___ furniture ALLEN
Fantasy league deal TRADE
Go beyond ripe ROT
Green-lights OKS
Helen of “The Queen” MIRREN
Horseshoes turn TOSS
Included with AMID
Kate Middleton, for one ROYAL
King of tragedy LEAR
Like fresh paint WET
Like sale prices LOWERED
Liotta of “Wild Hogs” RAY
London rentals FLATS
Lose, as pounds SHED
Loser to Clinton in 1996 DOLE
Lottery chances ODDS
Make goo-goo eyes at OGLE
Make rhapsodic ELATE
Many a John Wayne movie OATER
Marina rental SLIP
Mate of Wynken and Blynken NOD
Necktie with a clasp BOLO
Ogden who rhymed “Bronx” with “thonx” NASH
On behalf of FOR
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Pandora’s boxful ILLS
Partner of void NULL
Penitent’s feeling REMORSE
Pizza ___ (critter in a YouTube meme) RAT
Pre-Christmas buy TREE
Proctor ___ (appliance brand) SILEX
Regulation particular to a stadium GROUND RULE
Rock’s Cream or ZZ Top TRIO
Roman goddess of wisdom MINERVA
Said “@#$%&!” CURSED
Snack item since 1912 OREO
Spitting bullets, so to speak IRATE
Terhune title dog LAD
The Big Board, for short NYSE
The Emancipation Proclamation, famously EXECUTIVE ORDER
Tie up at a 5-Down MOOR
Traveling like space junk IN ORBIT
Triceps’ locales ARMS
Undecided, as a jury HUNG
Vessel with a footed base URN
Web address, for short URL
Weevil’s meal BOLL
When vampires come out AT NIGHT
Words on a vintage gas pump NO LEAD

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