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USA Today – March 2 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Hava Nagila’ dance HORA
‘Ulee’s Gold’ insects BEES
‘Wrong!’ on a playground ISNOT
15-Across, perhaps OLD
20-Across morsel OAT
Army E-7, e.g NCO
Atmospheric region with a ‘hole’ OZONELAYER
Beat the pants off ROUT
Big name in frozen desserts SARALEE
Bill-blocking vote NAY
Bubble gum glob WAD
Caramel-filled Hershey’s candy ROLO
Chasers chase them, at bars SHOTS
Cloud data unit TERABYTE
Collapsed under pressure GAVEWAY
Deposed Iranian ruler SHAH
Design made by moving one’s arms and legs SNOWANGEL
Doo-wop group member BASS
Egyptian cobras ASPS
Eric of ‘Troy’ BANA
Exam taker’s crib CHEATSHEET
First lady McKinley IDA
Fix at the vet’s office SPAY
Greeted the day AROSE
Hogwarts librarian Pince IRMA
Hoots at JEERS
Hoppy brew ALE
Horse feed holder NOSEBAG
Hung on the line AIRDRIED
Insecticide brand RAID
Ishmael’s captain AHAB
Law office worker, for short PARA
Like bread for croutons STALE
Like holes-in-one RARE
Like some 49-Acrosses PALE
Lindbergh, ‘the Lone ___’ EAGLE
Lowland, to poets VALE
Makes rhapsodic ELATES
Manhattan, e.g ISLAND
Moon rock composition BASALT
Mountain goat’s perch CRAG
No longer divided ONE
Nook reading EBOOK
Not impromptu STAGED
Olive of ‘Thimble Theatre’ OYL
Opening chips, at times ANTES
Outpaced the pack LED
Place for a cotter pin AXLE
Place to fish CREEK
Poet who supported Mussolini EZRAPOUND
Poet’s preposition ERE
Prankster’s weapon WATERGUN
Prepared to drive, with ‘up’ TEED
Projection booth items, once REELS
Puts a muzzle on SILENCES
Roofer’s material SLATE
Rundgren of rock TODD
Russian name similar to ‘Alec’ OLEG
Sandy’s bark ARF
Some patches or T-shirt designs IRONONS
Start of a gridiron play SNAP
Stubble remover RAZOR
Swellhead’s problem EGO
Tarzan’s call YELL
Thin out, as a herd CULL
Throws a party for FETES
Uses a four-function calculator, perhaps ADDS
Vega of ‘Spy Kids’ movies ALEXA
Visibility reducer HAZE
Visibly frightened ASHEN
Where away games are played ROAD
Whiskeys in Old Fashioneds RYES
Witchy woman CRONE
Word before pool or therapy GENE
Word in sale ads ONLY
Zebra feature MANE
___ latte (spicy Starbucks offering) CHAI