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USA Today – March 20 2019

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Clues Answers
‘American Experience’ broadcaster PBS
‘Cake Boss’ network TLC
‘Count on me!’ ILLDOIT
‘Get out this instant!’ GONOW
‘I Hope You Dance’ singer Womack LEEANN
‘I need proof’ SHOWME
‘Impressive!’ OOH
‘My goodness!’ OHGEE
‘Say You, Say Me’ singer Lionel RICHIE
‘Sorry, made other plans’ ICANT
‘Very funny’ HAHA
‘You there!’ HEY
9:11, e.g RATIO
Alton’s karate rank? BROWNBELT
Await an anthem RISE
Baseball’s Steroid ___ ERA
Bench-press muscles, for short PECS
Beneficiaries of a 1944 bill GIS
Best bud PAL
Body parts that may be counted NOSES
Bounce-house filler AIR
Cause for a lettuce recall ECOLI
Cheer to a matador OLE
Colorful aquarium denizen TETRA
Cooling units, for short ACS
Crunchy, like an apple CRISP
Diana of the Supremes ROSS
Dickens novel enjoyed by Jamie? OLIVERTWIST
Dip with a citrusy flavor MANGOSALSA
Encouraging sign from Rachael? RAYOFHOPE
Eva Longoria or Salma Hayek LATINA
Fields of study AREAS
Gavel-banger’s shout SOLD
Gridder-turned-actor Merlin OLSEN
Guard dog’s warning GRR
Hardly a neat freak SLOB
Home of the ‘Mona Lisa’ LOUVRE
Homecoming attendee ALUM
In the manner of ALA
Issa of ‘Insecure’ RAE
Julia’s favorite thespians? CHILDACTORS
Kyoto currency YEN
Leave slack-jawed AWE
Lennon’s bed-in mate ONO
Like the Sabin vaccine ORAL
Lynx or lion FELINE
Made less harsh EASED
Makes euphoric ELATES
Many October babies LIBRAS
Mason jar topper LID
Minnesota Wild’s org NHL
Molelike mammal SHREW
Muddy up ROIL
Nectarine discards PITS
Neighborhood 45-Down HOMIE
Obstinate equine ASS
Orange Free State conflict BOERWAR
Pancake served with applesauce LATKE
Part of a recovery program STEP
Pet’s contented sound PURR
Pirate’s domain SEA
Place to tie the knot ALTAR
Puppy’s sound YAP
Reusable bag TOTE
Seeks answers ASKS
Series of online comments THREAD
Shepherd’s milieu LEA
Shot from the apron CHIP
Sports car roof option TTOP
Stadium sound effect ECHO
Take a refresher course, say BONEUP
Takes along BRINGS
They’re ungracious in defeat POORLOSERS
Thin ice, to a skater PERIL
William Tell, notably ARCHER
Wilson of ‘Cars’ movies OWEN
___ Field (Shea replacement) CITI