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USA Today – March 4 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Bye-bye!’ TATA
‘Sounds like nonsense!’ IBET
‘What a pity’ ALAS
15-Across’s bottom HEM
About half of us MALES
Ankle-length skirt MAXI
Apple since 1998 IMAC
Arcade game pioneer ATARI
Bassinet occupant BABY
Blown away by, with ‘of’ INAWE
Blu-ray inclusion, perhaps DIRECTORSCUT
Boxer’s peak condition FIGHTINGTRIM
Bugs eaten by echidnas ANTS
Cashier’s drawer TILL
Castling in chess, e.g MOVE
Clears a hurdle JUMPS
Coffeeshop vessel MUG
Corporate board member, for short EXEC
Country club instructor PRO
Delay in progress SETBACK
Does a bartender’s job POURS
Dog walker’s need LEASH
Euro fractions (Abbr.) CTS
Far from reputable SEAMY
First name in daytime talk OPRAH
Found a spot for USED
French birds in a Christmas carol HENS
From the top ANEW
Garr of ‘Tootsie’ TERI
Genesis victim ABEL
Gibberish-speaking Addams ITT
Gimlet or screwdriver DRINK
Grounded Aussie avians EMUS
In addition ATTHAT
Including everything INALL
Increase, as a lead ADDTO
Initial stages ONSETS
Jets’ Super Bowl III win, e.g UPSET
Jittery on caffeine, say WIRED
Lapis lazuli hue AZURE
Like Neil Simon’s couple ODD
Like volcanic rock IGNEOUS
Make more snug, in a way RETIE
Many a Sinai dweller ARAB
Much more than some ALOT
Mushroom morsels STEMS
Namely, in legalese TOWIT
Narrow-minded sort BIGOT
NCO part NON
Org. that confiscates lighter fluid TSA
Perch like 26-Down ROOST
Primatologist’s study APE
Quid pro quo deals SWAPS
React to sliced onions CRY
Ready to crash TIRED
Ring toss target PEG
Schwinn rider’s safety item BICYCLECLIP
Seaweed-wrapped rolls SUSHI
Shannon Airport’s county CLARE
Sharp left from Ali JAB
Sized up visually EYED
Sly maneuver PLOY
Special forces firearm UZI
Step-counting device FITBIT
Sudden outpouring SPATE
Suitor, in poetry SWAIN
Sunsweet morsel PITTEDPRUNE
Super review RAVE
They’re sometimes broken by drivers TEES
They’re taken at trials OATHS
Title for Joan Collins DAME
Took a shot at TRIED
Trees in tree farms FIRS
Unimaginatively written PROSY
Verse part LINE
Wealthy campaign donor FATCAT
Where slop is served STY
Work on wording EDIT