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USA Today – May 1 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘. . . like ___ got diamonds / at the meeting of my thighs?’ (Angelou) IVE
’90s-’00s era of feminism THIRDWAVE
‘A Lady’ for Jane Austen, e.g ALIAS
‘Furthermore . . .’ AND
‘Get ___ My Way’ (Kylie Minogue song) OUTTA
‘God ___ Woman’ (Ariana Grande hit) ISA
‘Obviously!’ DUH
‘___ MODE’ (Travis Scott single) SICKO
An American might exchange them for JPY USD
Annoy VEX
Asterisk STAR
Avoiding ELUDING
Bajan pop star and beauty mogul RIHANNA
Barn birds OWLS
Basketball great Taurasi DIANA
Be shocked REEL
Chain with carhops SONIC
Clarifying phrase when spelling ASIN
Contribute ADD
Crow sound CAW
Curt dismissal NAH
Deutschland GERMANY
Ear passage CANAL
Early lookout shift FIRSTWATCH
Ferris Bueller breaks it FOURTHWALL
First Asian-American NBA champion Jeremy LIN
Former Russian title TSAR
Frequent verb in Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ SLAY
Furniture store that sells meatballs IKEA
Fuss ADO
Geologic time unit EON
Gorillas are ‘great’ ones APES
Inter ___ Council of Arizona (nonprofit advocacy group) TRIBAL
Iron-deficient, maybe ANEMIC
Lead-in to ‘key’ or ‘profile’ LOW
Lily Allen’s actor brother ALFIE
Linking verb ARE
Makes easier to control TAMES
Middle, geometrically (Abbr.) CTR
Month numero uno ENERO
Multipart present GIFTSET
Now’s partner THEN
One who might pull up a chair to a booth FIFTHWHEEL
Pale purple LILAC
Parent of Ben Solo LEIA, HAN
Permissive LAX
Practical joke GAG
Preferring solitude ASOCIAL
Prefix for ‘issue’ NON
Procrastinating student’s wish SNOWDAY
Put in effort TRY
Rabbit food ALFALFA
Reassuring response to ‘Be careful!’ IWILL
Renewed energy SECONDWIND
Room below a roof ATTIC
Sched. placeholder TBA
Ship Athena helped design ARGO
Small amount of salt DASH
Some residents’ degs MDS
Some vacation rentals, for short APTS
Spanish 101 verb SER
Sticky note brand POSTIT
Stop improving, say PLATEAU
Taxi CAB
Trailblaze PIONEER
Train units CARS
Trident-shaped letter PSI
Trig ratio COSINE
University higher-ups DEANS
Unusual WEIRD
Venus and Serena, e.g SISTERS
Weight HEFT
___ off (repel) FEND
___-chic BOHO