USA Today – May 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
’80s Wendy’s slogan WHERESTHEBEEF
‘Can I leave now?’ AREWEDONE
‘Chewing Gum’ creator Michaela COEL
‘Heaven Must Have ___ You’ SENT
‘I ___ what you did there’ SEE
‘Not to ___ my own horn . . .’ TOOT
‘Nothing ___ comes close’ ELSE
‘The Day the Earth ___ Still’ STOOD
‘Well, that was unpleasant’ YEESH
‘Yeah, I bet!’ OHSURE
A long time ___ AGO
A, in Spanish UNA
All thumbs CLUMSY
Amount of milk bread LOAF
Anheuser-___ BUSCH
Arduous journey TREK
Baby birds in barns OWLETS
Baton Rouge school LSU
Bird with 20/5 vision EAGLE
Bird with a bill much longer than its head SNIPE
Birds that honk in flight GEESE
Blacken on a barbecue CHAR
Blinking Guy is one GIF
Broccoli is rich in it FIBER
Capital city with floating saunas OSLO
Caribou relative ELK
Chest bone RIB
Coyote’s foot PAW
Creamy root in some steamed buns TARO
Double ___ Oreos STUF
Drove too fast SPED
Floppy disk successor CDROM
Forgotten-password option RESET
Ginger from ‘Chicken Run,’ for one HEN
Grand story EPIC
Hair-spiking stuff GEL
Have some klepon, for example EAT
Heavy truck weight TON
Includes on an email thread CCS
Intense fear TERROR
Knight’s venture QUEST
Largest dolphin species ORCA
Lawn-trimming tool EDGER
Light brown shade TAN
Like Miami summers HOT
Luggage label TAG
Lunchboxes sold at a Daiso store BENTOS
Mess up ERR
Middle or side ___ PART
Mosaics and murals, for example ART
Nailphoria in Oakland, for example SPA
NBA guard Mann TRE
Nickname for Celia Cruz QUEENOFSALSA
Not doing anything IDLE
Offers for a price SELLS
Reached the big time MADEIT
Second effort REDO
Small toymaker ELF
Some air travelers prefer them AISLESEATS
Sound rebound ECHO
Speedskating star Jackson ERIN
Staff on a ship CREW
Stick around STAY
Stove parts BURNERS
Swim competition MEET
Switch position OFF
The sense that you’re good enough SELFWORTH
Tsingtao product BEER
Tuna tartare tuna AHI
Type of blood vessel ARTERY
Typical oyster presentation HALFSHELL
Utility bill figure RATE
Window ledge SILL
WWE officials REFS
Yearns for DESIRES
Zodiac sign with horns ARIES

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