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USA Today – May 11 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Bones’ on the Enterprise MCCOY
‘Downstairs’ worker SERVANT
‘Get Happy’ composer Harold ARLEN
‘Plain’ facial feature NOSE
‘Prairie dog’ or ‘koala bear’ MISNOMER
‘SNL’ alum Gasteyer ANA
‘___ mackerel!’ HOLY
24-Across forest dweller EEL
Attack, puppy-style NIPAT
Bert’s Muppet pal ERNIE
Carter’s onetime workplace PEANUTFARM
Color similar to cyan TEAL
Colorado skaters, to fans AVS
Common chess results DRAWS
Cooking oil brand CRISCO
Cuzco dweller of old INCA
Decorated with icing PIPED
Destroy financially RUIN
Didn’t slouch SATUP
Dinghy accessory OAR
Double-check, as a bill READD
Fork-tailed hawk KITE
Freud of psychoanalysis SIGMUND
G&T part TONIC
Genealogist’s find ROOTS
Go with the flow ADAPT
Golf pros often break it PAR
Grille protector BRA
Guernsey or Sark ISLE
Hundred ___ Wood (Pooh’s hangout) ACRE
In the loop AWARE
It’s 1 for a right angle SINE
Kegler’s place LANE
Ladled entree STEW
Like a fiddle, in a saying FIT
Little demon IMP
Made a stipulation, with ‘for’ PROVIDED
Model wood BALSA
Motorcade member LIMO
New York’s Tappan Zee, e.g TOLLBRIDGE
Niagara River’s lake source ERIE
No-frills BASIC
Nuts-bolts connector AND
Oahu-to-Maui flight, e.g HOP
Offshore apparatus RIG
Op-ed offerings VIEWS
Orange variety NAVEL
Person or thing ENTITY
Person or thing, e.g NOUN
Picketer’s sign PLACARD
Poker pot note IOU
Presidential action VETO
Prevent from lapsing RENEW
Prior to, in poetry ERE
Radius, but not diameter BONE
Railing material WROUGHTIRON
Retainer, e.g FEE
Rod Carew, for 12 seasons TWIN
Roughly, timewise CIRCA
Salvaged, like 11-Across SAVED
Seaweed in forests KELP
Situation marked by ineptitude AMATEURHOUR
Snowman’s wear, perhaps SCARF
Some tourneys OPENS
Spoil, in a way CATERTO
Streaky, like blue cheese VEINED
Taking after ALA
Tin Woodman’s tool AXE
Transit map points STOPS
Upscale German autos BMWS
Waterway hauler SCOW
Website navigation aid MENU
Westernmost African land SENEGAL
Wi-Fi signal icon components ARCS
Word before bag or nuts MIXED
Work on a seam SEW
You are one MAMMAL
Young swans CYGNETS