USA Today – May 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘I just took a ___ test . . .’ (Lizzo lyric) DNA
‘I need it right now!’ ASAP
‘It ___ without saying . . .’ GOES
‘Ratatouille’ rat REMY
‘Star Wars’ villain Kylo REN
‘The Mandalorian’ star Pedro PASCAL
‘The situation is worse than I thought’ ITSBAD
‘Were you ___? Or were you silenced?’ (37-Down quote) SILENT
‘Who ___ is coming?’ ELSE
‘You may leave now’ THATSALL
‘___ Kapital’ DAS
According to PER
Animal rescue org SPCA
Apt name for a painter ART
Attorney’s title (Abbr.) ESQ
Avocado pit, for example SEED
Book suggestion, for short REC
Brooklyn time zone, for short EST
Cash dispenser ATM
City in Missouri, for short STL
Clicks of the fingers SNAPS
Crow sounds CAWS
Cubes in drinks ICE
Droop SAG
Duct ___ TAPE
Event to celebrate a film launch PREMIEREPARTY
Extra item SPARE
Feeling like this: 🙁 SAD
Fencing sword EPEE
Fuel for a lawnmower GAS
Golfer’s pegs TEES
Hair products GELS
Hammer-wielding Norse god THOR
Hotel brand HILTON
House of Representatives counterpart SENATE
In one piece INTACT
Is into LIKES
Item for washing dishes SPONGE
Like orchids as compared to cacti NEEDIER
Lil ___ (two-palindrome family member) SIS
List of options MENU
Looks over quickly SCANS
Make a promise SWEAR
Make like new RESTORE
Modify ALTER
Non-___ (food label) GMO
Olive oil alternative CANOLA
Online account owner USER
Opening for a coin SLOT
Packs of elephants HERDS
Periods of interruption HIATUSES
Positive vote AYE
Rowing tool OAR
Shudder-inducing EERIE
Si en ingles YES
Some street-lining trees ELMS
Sondheim’s ‘___ the Woods’ INTO
Sound at a stand-up show, hopefully LAUGHTER
Spiritual retreat ASHRAM
Spy org CIA
Surname of the Bikini Bottom resident who lives in a pineapple SQUAREPANTS
Test taken by some college seniors GRE
Third planet from the sun EARTH
Time period SPAN
Toy on a string YOYO
Treat-filled parcel for a loved one CAREPACKAGE
Trial and ___ ERROR
Trinity K. ___, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ contestant BONET
TV mogul Winfrey OPRAH
Unfamiliar person STRANGER
Warming device HEATER
Word before ‘circles’ or ‘top’ CROP
___ Lanka SRI
___-Ra SHE

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