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USA Today – May 17 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Cheese it, the cops!’ RUN
‘Having fun ___?’ YET
‘The Magic Flute,’ e.g OPERA
A Marx’s instrument HARP
About 1/28 ounce GRAM
Actor Brad’s organ settings? PITTSTOPS
Actress Angela’s dog? BASSETTHOUND
Anti-aircraft fire FLAK
Arctic peoples INUIT
Basic idea GIST
Beer drinker’s protrusion BELLY
Big name in furs ASTOR
Biker’s ‘hog,’ informally HARLEY
Blyleven in Cooperstown BERT
Bosch competitor AMANA
Bring home after deductions NET
Brown or amber brew ALE
Church’s 10 percent TITHE
Comic Schumer AMY
Compound in perfumes ESTER
Cookie crumbled in ice cream OREO
Copy editors’ discoveries TYPOS
Curds partner, in rhyme WHEY
Deck protector STAIN
Defeats of contracts, in bridge SETS
Destiny, to Hindus KARMA
Dietitian’s creation MEAL
Easy to flex BENDY
Ejects, as lava SPEWS
Eye lecherously OGLE
Flies off the shelves SELLS
Freestyler’s music genre RAP
GarageBand computer, for short MAC
Google Play downloads APPS
Green-lights OKAYS
High schooler, usually TEEN
Hoity-toity sort SNOB
Home made of hides TEPEE
Homer’s bartender MOE
Clues Answers
Increase one’s inventory STOCKUP
James whom Beyonce portrayed ETTA
Lacking in manners RUDE
Largish combo OCTET
Letter-shaped girder IBAR
Life of Riley EASE
Life story, for short BIO
Like a printmaker’s hands INKY
Luau dance HULA
Makes amends ATONES
Pac-Man adversary GHOST
Panama and Suez, for two ISTHMI
Part of an instruction set STEP
Pisa’s river ARNO
Place for a magician’s rabbit HAT
Post-Christmas come-on SALE
Punk rocker Joan’s aircraft? JETTPLANE
Qatari or Iraqi ARAB
Regarding, on a memo ASTO
Rocky or Bullwinkle TOON
Same old, same old USUAL
San Antonio hoopsters SPURS
Seats at a kitchen island STOOLS
Setting of Sartre’s ‘No Exit’ HELL
Severe, as criticism HARSH
Showing no emotion STONY
Sign of poor hygiene ODOR
Singer Wilson’s boundary marker? PICKETTFENCE
Sips from a flask, say HASANIP
Stewart, the ‘domestic diva’ MARTHA
Subtle ‘Over here!’ PSST
Tall ships celebration OPSAIL
The Phantom of the Opera’s rival RAOUL
Time traveler’s destination PAST
Vice president after Biden PENCE
Voodoo charm MOJO
Without assistance ALONE
Zillions ATON
Zillions ALOT