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USA Today – May 17 2019

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Clues Answers
‘All My ___’ (Miller play) SONS
‘Aquarius’ musical HAIR
‘Ink Master’ pic TAT
‘Off the Court’ author Arthur ASHE
‘Told you so!’ SEE
1925 Irving Berlin waltz ALWAYS
Absorb’s opposite EMIT
Anita, ‘the Jezebel of Jazz’ ODAY
Anna’s sister, in ‘Frozen’ ELSA
Arcade game with ghosts PACMAN
Arms accords, e.g PACTS
Assault from Moe SLAP
Australia, to the U.S ALLY
Betelgeuse, or Keaton in ‘Beetlejuice’ STAR
Big Band ___ ERA
Bit of night light MOONBEAM
Boleyn portrayed in ‘Six’ ANNE
Brings home EARNS
Cardinal cap letters STL
Cause of wheezing ASTHMA
Cessna spinner, for short PROP
Checked out EYED
Class with a lab, for short CHEM
Confine, in a way HEMIN
Decorate, as a tree TRIM
Digs for pigs PENS
Do a tugboat’s task TOW
Ebola outbreak of 2014, e.g EPIDEMIC
Far from clean UNWASHED
Fills beyond full SATES
Fluffy brown dessert CHOCOLATEMOUSSE
Frequently, in verse OFT
Fruity beverage at McDonald’s STRAWBERRYSHAKE
Good buddy PAL
Grow dark LATEN
Hammer and sickle TOOLS
Hazardous household gas RADON
Help in a heist ABET
Home care workers AIDES
In a muddle ATSEA
Irritate by rubbing CHAFE
Its name means ‘desert’ SAHARA
Its symbol is Fe IRON
Latish lunchtime ONEPM
Like burning rubber’s smell ACRID
Like Satchmo’s voice RASPY
Lower one’s fielding average ERR
Make less cluttered NEATEN
Medal earner HERO
Peace Nobelist Anwar SADAT
Pork or beef cut LOIN
Post-it messages NOTES
Pre-K basics ABCS
Prefix with potent or present OMNI
Pristine spots EDENS
Ready to serve DONE
Rescue from a shelter ADOPT
Rolls-Royce’s parent BMW
Rustic abode LOGCABIN
Seashell seller of rhyme SHE
Shepherd’s pie ingredient POTATO
Shimmery fabric LAME
Similar in nature AKIN
Snifter parts STEMS
Sound from Sneezy ACHOO
Sweet stuff in a piping bag VANILLAFROSTING
Tell a whopper LIE
Test the weight of HEFT
Toddlers’ breaks NAPS
Veggies in some fried rice PEAS
Welland Canal lake ERIE
What Jack broke, in rhyme CROWN
Wherry propellers OARS
Witty Bombeck ERMA
Writes in Java, say CODES
Yield to pressure CAVE
___-Xers (boomer’s kids) GEN