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USA Today – May 18 2018

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Clues Answers
‘No cause for worry’ ITSOK
‘On the matter of . . .’ ASTO
17-Across material, maybe TWEED
26-Across, e.g AUTO
A tariff may start one TRADEWAR
Acting too hastily RASH
Air pressure fig PSI
Answer to a division problem QUOTIENT
April 1 exploder CIGAR
Be a wheelman for, say ABET
Be deficient in LACK
Be initiated into JOIN
Bird’s gullet CRAW
Buffalo’s waters ERIE
Carry in a rig HAUL
Castro of Cuba RAUL
Checkroom items COATS
Classic Chevrolet CAMARO
Denny’s patron EATER
Document in escrow, maybe DEED
Dress rehearsal, say PRACTICERUN
Fanatical following CULT
Feeding trough morsel OAT
Foe of a pro ANTI
Fuss before a mirror PRIMP
Get hold of PROCURE
Grandpa Simpson ABE
Haiku writer, say POET
Haute couture event FASHIONSHOW
Heap praise on EXALT
Lab maze scurriers RATS
Like early LPs MONO
Like purple hair DYED
Like some grins or winks SLY
Minor railroad stop WAYSTATION
Monster in some video games OGRE
Muscles above abs PECS
Name in applesauce MOTTS
Online session CHAT
Clues Answers
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Petal plucker’s word NOT
Place for a phone charger SOCKET
Plantation unit ACRE
Plays a joke on JESTS
Potting bagful SOIL
Pure as the driven snow CHASTE
Put on ice COOL
Reason to erase ERROR
Removes from a herd CULLS
Repair bill part TAX
Respond on ‘Jeopardy!’ ASK
Seafood in salads CRAB
Served at a tea POURED
Silent approvals NODS
Six Cheese sauce brand RAGU
Strike a chord RESONATE
Subdue by stunning TASE
Tailored attire CUSTOMSUIT
Talk show medium RADIO
Teen with black eyeliner, perhaps GOTH
Tent stake driver MAUL
Tiny terrors IMPS
Tiny, informally ITSY
To a great degree QUITE
Too trusting NAIVE
Tower of Power music genre FUNK
Tune for four hands DUET
Two-handed hoops attempts SETSHOTS
Walk like a tortoise PLOD
Went for a spin DROVE
Wines served with steaks REDS
Without peer ALONE
Word after Joe or low BLOW
Words of concession ILOSE
Works like a dog TOILS
Would-be risk-taker’s question DOIDARE
Yachter’s speed unit KNOT
Yankee’s crosstown rival MET