USA Today – May 18 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Don’t ___ give up!’ EVER
‘I’m not making this up!’ HONEST
‘Not so loud!’ SHH
‘Now I get it!’ AHA
‘Oh My God’ singer Maria IDA
‘On top of that . . .’ ALSO
‘Rats!’ DARN
‘State of ___’ (Mahmoud Darwish poetry collection) SIEGE
‘That didn’t ___ well’ AGE
‘ur hilarious!’ LOL
‘Very nice!’ COOL
‘Whatcha ___ Is Whatcha Get’ SEE
‘You know that’s not true!’ LIAR
A little off AMISS
A three-hour movie might be described as one SLOG
Aid for enjoying ‘The Night Watchman’ at night READINGLIGHT
Ankle-length skirt MAXI
Arthur’s wife in ‘Babe’ ESME
Battery fluid ACID
Blazed a trail LED
Bombastic talk HOTAIR
Bottle top CAP
Capital city where laping is a popular street food LHASA
Chex or Trix CEREAL
Depended RELIED
Diffuser’s output SCENT
Digitally endorse ESIGN
Egg-shaped tomato ROMA
Ella, in English SHE
Even, scorewise TIED
First hip-hop single to enter Billboard’s Top 40 chart RAPPERSDELIGHT
Forest floor plant FERN
Frighten SCARE
Gem with a ‘matrix’ variety OPAL
Got behind the wheel DROVE
Intense anger IRE
Island west of Bali JAVA
It ends in Nov. (Abbr.) DST
Jedi Grand Master YODA
Jewish deli mainstay PASTRAMI
Large fantasy creature OGRE
Less spicy relative of biryani RICEPILAF
Like lion dancers AGILE
Meal whose name means ‘order’ in Hebrew SEDER
Moderate horse gait TROT
Noodle dish topped with crushed peanuts PADTHAI
On the ___ (precisely) DOT
One of six in a hexagon ANGLE
Overnight travel option REDEYEFLIGHT
Pay for someone else’s meal TREAT
Place for camels to drink OASIS
Place with key cards HOTEL
Plant used for thatching REED
Plumbing piece PIPE
Popcorn seasonings SALTS
Practices for a prizefight SPARS
Prefix meaning ‘before’ ANTE
Really irritate VEX
Remarkable achievement FEAT
Scone topping JAM
Sinister spirit DEMON
State with a Potato Museum IDAHO
Strength of spirit METTLE
Tacks on ADDS
Team of judges PANEL
They often get big bonuses CEOS
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Throes of guilt PANGS
Travel the seas SAIL
Windowsill, for example LEDGE
Wing measurement SPAN
___ purchases (mobile game transactions) INAPP
___-Cola COCA
___-Saxon ANGLO

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