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USA Today – May 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Beetle Bailey’ dog OTTO
‘Du jour’ menu item SOUP
‘Good as gold’ et al SIMILES
‘No question’ TRUE
‘Now . . . where ___ I?’ WAS
Bricks measure TON
Czech or Slovak SLAV
Depot listing, informally SKED
Desert boot material SUEDE
Does patchwork, e.g SEWS
Doll’s utterance MAMA
Drudge of yore SERF
End a squabble MAKEUP
Fitbit unit STEP
Five-star review RAVE
Former Yankees manager Joe TORRE
French dance of folk origin GAVOTTE
Fumble blindly GROPE
Get slick in winter ICEUP
Goes parasailing SOARS
Gullible sort SAP
Gulp from a flask SWIG
H.H. Munro’s pseudonym SAKI
Hammer-wielding god THOR
Harassed with catcalls HECKLED
Heir to a throne SCION
In vogue CHIC
Insects in a biblical plague LOCUSTS
Is shy, in a way OWES
Jumped ship FLED
Just hanging out IDLE
Like the members of U2 IRISH
Many Van Gogh paintings OILS
Minnesota’s ‘10,000’ LAKES
Mojave Desert Air Force base EDWARDS
Musical tool SAW
No great shakes SOSO
Oblique bit of punctuation SLASHMARK
Clues Answers
Oil field machinery RIGS
Orchestra’s ‘tuning fork’ OBOE
Out of the way ASIDE
Piece of gate hardware HINGE
Place for steaks CHOPHOUSE
Poise, to a model ASSET
Prefix with film or wave MICRO
Put the kibosh on ENDED
Puts up ERECTS
Ransomware intrusion, e.g HACKATTACK
Rebuke to Brutus ETTU
River to the Caspian Sea URAL
Rolling Stones genre, aptly ROCK
School near Windsor Castle ETON
Shakespeare, with ‘the’ BARD
Show with Radar and Klinger MASH
Smoke, slangily CIG
Snake with a hood COBRA
Some black-clad teens GOTHS
Some box score figures RUNS
Specially created, as a committee ADHOC
Spotted wildcats OCELOTS
Steinbeck migrant OKIE
Suffer a brain cramp ERR
Target Field team TWINS
Ten-spot halves ABES
Tennis shot with sidespin SLICESERVE
They may be bruised or stroked EGOS
Those holding office INS
Touch on ABUT
Trellis parts SLATS
Unicellular animals AMOEBAS
Unkempt manes MOPS
Villain’s hideout LAIR
Worthy of a Razzie WORST
X-rated stuff SMUT
Zoning unit ACRE
___ platter (Chinese appetizers) PUPU
___-Rooter ROTO