USA Today – May 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘. . . but not ___ good way’ INA
‘Dropping a Han Dynasty ___’ (Ai Weiwei photo series) URN
‘I sooo want to be besties with that person’ feeling FRIENDCRUSH
‘Legally Blonde’ protagonist Woods ELLE
‘Let It Fall’ demonstration RIOT
‘Never ___ Me Go’ (Ishiguro novel) LET
‘Spirited Away’ creature that sheds black dust SOOTSPRITE
‘That was ages ___!’ AGO
‘The Black Version’ comedy style IMPROV
‘The Nearness of You’ singer Fitzgerald ELLA
‘Unsaturated’ nutrients FATS
‘You’re funny’ HAHA
Alter ego for Bey YONCE
Altercations RUNINS
Annoying PESKY
Another name for pico de gallo SALSAFRESCA
Arrives unexpectedly TURNSUP
Astronauts’ org NASA
At a discounted price ONSALE
Backcombs TEASES
Basketball great Leslie LISA
Bert’s partner ERNIE
Big primate APE
Breaded and fried, in Japanese cuisine KATSU
Brenna Huckaby’s Paralympic team USA
Chais TEAS
Click the refresh button RELOAD
Club ___ (mixer) SODA
Curved shape ARC
Decide OPT
Delivery room docs OBS
Dishonest person LIAR
Distributes ALLOTS
Dorm supervisors RAS
Fourth-wall-breaking comment ASIDE
Gospel singer Campbell TINA
Grading guides RUBRICS
Graffiti or sculpture ART
Green ingredient in raita CUCUMBER
Growing older AGING
Hit with powder on Holi, say PELT
Hybrid Indian language HINGLISH
Juniper-flavored alcohol GIN
Kanga’s kid ROO
Like some scholarship recipients, for short FIRSTGEN
Make a goof ERR
Maldives’ continent ASIA
Mega-old ANCIENT
Merfolk’s home SEA
Modify EDIT
Morsel of guppy food PELLET
Mountaintops SUMMITS
Old tape players VCRS
One of four in 1,991 DIGIT
Opposed to ANTI
Papad condiment made with brine PICKLE
Part of a play SCENE
Perfume feature AROMA
Porridge grains OATS
Postgame recap numbers STATS
Prenatal vitamin mineral IRON
Pulitzer-winning graphic novel whose main characters are depicted as mice MAUS
Put back to zero RESET
React to a sad song SOB
Scarecrow stuffing HAY
Set of actors CAST
Simple tops TEES
Sound made by fingers SNAP
Staircase part STEP
Stand-up guys GENTS
Three-ft. units YDS
Warty amphibians TOADS
Ziti, e.g PASTA
___ bracelets (’90s fad) SLAP
___ Fifth Avenue SAKS

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