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USA Today – May 2 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Come on in!’ ITSOPEN
‘Getting warmer,’ e.g HINT
‘It’s a possibility’ IMAY
‘Middlemarch’ author George ELIOT
‘Nasty’ Nastase ILIE
‘Stop, or ___!’ ELSE
‘The Godfather’ author Puzo MARIO
‘The Hobbit’ hero Baggins BILBO
‘Wanted’ poster figure REWARD
‘___ we forget . . .’ LEST
2-Down competitor AVEENO
Atlanta-based network TBS
Attending class INSCHOOL
ATV part ALL
Bagpipers’ toppers TAMS
Beginning driver, usually TEEN
Being broadcast ONAIR
Bird similar to a loon GREBE
Blue Grotto’s isle CAPRI
Bridge stratagem FINESSE
By word of mouth ORAL
City south of Spokane WALLAWALLA
Clear from memory ERASE
Confer, as an award BESTOW
Contractor’s claim LIEN
Critter in a Mexican beverage TEQUILAWORM
Current craze MANIA
Dresser drawer attachments KNOBS
Drive-thru site, perhaps BANK
Elephant gone amok ROGUE
Faucet flow, to a toddler WAWA
Fourth-and-long play, often PUNT
French textile city LILLE
Golf club part TOE
Gulliver’s creator SWIFT
Horne on a postage stamp LENA
How ‘the cheese stands’ ALONE
In great shape TRIM
Instruments in Hindustani music SITARS
Items on a game rack TILES
iTunes download SONG
Join with a torch WELD
Kilmer of ‘Batman Forever’ VAL
Like a slick talker GLIB
Lo mein pan WOK
Loo users BRITS
Luau instrument, for short UKE
Many a PC image file GIF
Massachusetts cape ANN
Match up, as watches SYNC
Musical acuity EAR
Namely, in legalese TOWIT
Not mincing words BLUNT
Oxygen transporter REDCELL
Pal of Kukla and Fran OLLIE
Pastel blue hue AQUA
Piece of band gear AMP
Pontiac muscle car GTO
Popular Nabisco cookie NILLAWAFER
Purple bloom IRIS
Put in prison LOCKAWAY
Quick on the uptake SMART
Raised 47-Downs ELS
Ryder of ‘Little Women’ WINONA
Showing signs of use WORN
Sicilian libation MARSALAWINE
Skier’s pair POLES
Skin care brand OLAY
Slezak of ‘One Life to Live’ ERIKA
Small, like a hippo PYGMY
Source of Italian bubbly ASTI
Sudoku entry, typically INTEGER
Take back, as testimony RECANT
Tierra ___ Fuego DEL
Trolley track RAIL
Venetian blind parts SLATS
Vientiane native LAO
What a caddy holds TEA