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USA Today – May 2 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘And that’s why you always leave a ___’ NOTE
‘Didn’t we just deal with this?’ AGAIN
‘Gee!’ GOSH
‘Sex and the City’ star Cynthia NIXON
‘Take this’ HERE
1962 Bond film DRNO
Actor Sharif OMAR
Ailment suffix ITIS
Andes dweller of old INCA
Bell tower sound PEAL
Bit of set dressing PROP
Blender option PUREE
Bramble, for one SHRUB
Capital city near Shawnee, for short OKC
Coax a laugh from AMUSE
Colorado Natives UTES
Commemorates MARKS
Complete ENTIRE
Device rotated by the wind VANE
Doesn’t stick around GOES
Dog food brand ALPO
Emails that might be blocked SPAM
Etching liquid ACID
Even a bit ATALL
Fashion designer Lagerfeld KARL
Fencing blade SABER
Fish of the order Anguilliformes EEL
French first-person pronoun MOI
French recipe phrase ALA
Garlic-crushing tool PRESS
Gave a hard time RODE
Greeting often heard on the second Sunday in May HIMOM
Having a lower rank than UNDER
Hawaii’s sixth-largest island LANAI
Heads for the clouds SOARS
High-ranking exec, for short COO
Holiday highlight, often MEAL
In dire need of cleaning SQUALID
Jockey alternative HANES
King of television GAYLE
Members of Brother Nature’s squad DEER
Meringue-making tools WHISKS
Morrison novel HOME
Most wise SAGEST
Motif in Hew Locke’s work SHIPS
Not quite dry DAMP
Numerical goal QUOTA
Oakland subway letters BART
Obedient DOCILE
Objective of some medical research CURE
Of zero help USELESS
On the ___ LAM
Package-binding cord TWINE
Participate electorally VOTE
Prefix for ‘renewal’ AUTO
Refer to CITE
Reproductive cell SPORE
Salon substance RELAXER
Seaweed wrap offerer SPA
Sentence segment WORD
Sister from another ___ MISTER
Spinal cord connector BRAINSTEM
Sport with long mallets POLO
Startup capital SEEDMONEY
Superb serves ACES
Swiss ___ knife ARMY
Take it ___ yourself UPON
Telepathy, e.g ESP
Temporal delay TIMELAG
They increase on birthdays AGES
Total legend ICON
Urgent notification ALERT
Warmhearted KINDLY
Watch online STREAM
Wear a revealing garment SHOWSOMESKIN
Word before ‘record’ or ‘leaf’ GOLD
Workouts that aid stability CORETRAINING
Wouldn’t give up HUNGON