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USA Today – May 20 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’ opener TWAS
‘For sure!’ TRUE
‘___ goes nothing!’ HERE
18-Down, in the present tense TIS
Allen of ‘Scrooged’ KAREN
Archer of ‘Patriot Games’ ANNE
At the present time ANYMORE
Author/animal rights activist Cleveland AMORY
Autumn leaves color OCHER
Ballistics test results? BULLETDATA
Be in the red OWE
Becomes evident DAWNS
Bench wood PINE
Best buds PALS
Capital on the Aare BERN
Chang and Eng’s birthplace SIAM
Charles portrayed by Jamie Foxx RAY
Code cracker Turing ALAN
Comic strip segment PANEL
Cornered, in a way TREED
Croquet area LAWN
D-Day beach OMAHA
D.C. ballplayer NAT
Employee’s Christmas bonus? CHECKEXTRA
Enclosure for sprites? BROWNIEPEN
Exchange verbal jabs SPAR
Exodus memorial meal SEDER
Female elephants COWS
First lesson in driver ed? KEYTURNING
Flight board letters ETA
Fluctuates wildly SEESAWS
Full-size Nissan model MAXIMA
German emperor of old KAISER
Grin from ear to ear BEAM
Hammond or Lowrey offering ORGAN
Harder to find RARER
Ironman watch maker TIMEX
Lecher’s look OGLE
Less dry than brut SEC
Clues Answers
Like a bubble bath SUDSY
Loan shark’s practice USURY
Metro map points STOPS
Mr. Potato Head parts EYES
Norwegian port BERGEN
Occasionally lost laundry items SOCKS
Oil cartel letters OPEC
One of a pair of Keds SNEAKER
Out of bed ARISEN
Pantry-raiding bugs ANTS
Part of 15-Across (Abbr.) TEX
Paul who sang ‘Graceland’ SIMON
Phantom’s milieu OPERA
Pod in gumbo OKRA
Pulls the plug on ENDS
Rank amateur TYRO
Repairs a split seam, say SEWS
Rickey garnishes LIMES
Roost dweller HEN
Scallion’s relative LEEK
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Sealskin-covered craft KAYAK
Selling liquor WET
Shoot the breeze NATTER
Shows grief SOBS
Slow on the uptake OBTUSE
Squirrels away CACHES
St. Paul’s architect Christopher WREN
Student driver, usually TEEN
Student drivers’ needs PERMITS
Subway sandwich HERO
Triple play’s three OUTS
Tubular pasta PENNE
U-shaped stringed instruments LYRES
Up to the task ABLE
Vest opening ARMHOLE
Wi-Fi device ROUTER
Zoning unit, perhaps ACRE
___ stirpes (estate law term) PER