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USA Today – May 21 2018

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Clues Answers
‘One of Us’ pop group ABBA
‘Stop right there!’ HALT
‘Swan Lake’ skirt TUTU
‘The Tempest’ sprite ARIEL
Action movie climax, often CHASE
Angelina of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ JOLIE
Arcade coin TOKEN
Aria, occasionally DUET
Ark complements TWOS
Backyard party rental TENT
Be a chatterbox GAB
Become well HEAL
Belt hole maker AWL
Cavalry blades SABERS
Cheese in hors d’oeuvres BRIE
Chicken seeking nirvana? HENBUDDHIST
Cobalt or navy BLUE
Combatant in on-demand videos? HULUWARRIOR
Cornfield effigies STRAWMEN
Creator of Pooh and Roo MILNE
Crunchy sandwich, briefly BLT
Deck foursome SUITS
Domesticated swarm BEES
Drive-thru sign MENU
Duelers’ units PACES
Email button REPLY
Emmy and Grammy AWARDS
Ensured, as a win ICED
Fly fisherman’s wear WADERS
Follow as a result ENSUE
Force to retreat REPEL
Fruit that may get thumped MELON
Gas in a protective layer OZONE
Grindstone-regulating statute? HONINGLAW
How-to booklet MANUAL
Inventors’ sparks IDEAS
Is a parent to REARS
Jessica who played Sue Storm ALBA
Knocks on the noggin BOPS
Clues Answers
Like T-shirts and jeans CASUAL
Limerick writer, e.g POET
Manage to avoid AVERT
Many an aria SOLO
More lucid SANER
Neck of the woods AREA
Needing a rubdown ACHY
No great shakes SOSO
Old witch HAG
Open a crack AJAR
Overnighter’s bag VALISE
Part producers COMBS
Past curfew LATE
Performs like Jay-Z RAPS
Pill bottle datum DOSE
Played for a fool HAD
Plays for a sap FOOLS
Prepare, as espresso BREW
Produce, as art CREATE
Racetracks, often OVALS
Repo man’s seizure AUTO
Rush-hour cacophony HONKS
Seeks a price of ASKS
Semi-domed church area APSE
Shady recess ARBOR
Ships’ trails WAKES
Signal the dawn, in a way CROW
Slam dunk target HOOP
Strove to achieve TRIEDFOR
Stylish jacket interior? HIPLINING
Talk like a lush SLUR
Targets of Moe’s pokes EYES
They’re hardly macho WIMPS
Trapped on a limb TREED
Trig or calc MATH
Vein or artery VESSEL
Victor’s shout YES
Visit dreamland DOZE
Was decked out in WORE