USA Today – May 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘I ___ you a call’ OWE
‘Spirited Away,’ for example ANIME
‘That’s too bad’ PITY
‘The Wife’ novelist Wolitzer MEG
‘You can talk to me’ IMHERE
‘___ Chi Master’ (Jet Li film) TAI
‘___ you!’ (response to a sneeze) BLESS
A long way off AFAR
Actress Balinska ELLA
Adjective for a ‘shoppe’ OLDE
Adolescent TEEN
Advanced degree for a graphic designer MFA
Annual fundraiser by Project Bread WALKFORHUNGER
Apiece EACH
Arroz ___ cubana ALA
Attention-getting whisper PSST
Babe HON
Become deserving of EARN
Bit of bird food SEED
Captivate ENAMOR
Changing table garment DIAPER
Cheese for a Greek omelet FETA
Chomped down on BIT
Coin whose edge has 118 ridges DIME
Come aboard GETON
Deficient in color PALE
Driving range accessory TEE
Energy-efficient bulbs LEDS
Event with slashed prices SALE
Exam for future attorneys LSAT
Eyelid woe STYE
First-string squad ATEAM
Fiscal exec CFO
Fleeting trend FAD
Fly’s sensor ANTENNA
For sure, for short DEF
Freshly ___ bed MADE
How some people pray WITHFOLDEDHANDS
Izakaya drinks SAKES
Landfill DUMP
Large coffee dispensers URNS
Locally owned lodging INN
Macro or micro class ECON
Magnet for a moth FLAME
Mascara tool WAND
Matchmaker with a bow and arrow CUPID
Minnesota United FC’s org MLS
Monster in ‘Hop-o’-My-Thumb’ OGRE
Moves up and down on the water BOBS
Online streaming service HULU
Part of a horse that can be braided MANE
Phrase of resigned acceptance OKFINE
Place with internet access WIFIHOTSPOT
Places where date palms grow OASES
Portland’s state (Abbr.) ORE
Pound or yard, for example UNIT
Raven’s sounds CAWS
Raven’s toenail CLAW
Reaction on Twitch EMOTE
Replica with wings MODELPLANE
Saxophone range ALTO
Sliced veggie in fajitas BELLPEPPER
Social influence CLOUT
Some beers ALES
Sound heard during shearing BAA
Sound hoarse RASP
State tree of Vermont SUGARMAPLE
Super calm SERENE
Tax-deferred funds IRAS
Tournament surprise UPSET
Valley’s opposite PEAK
Way to commemorate someone’s retirement GIFT
Wizards head coach ___ Unseld Jr WES
Woeful SAD
Zahra Lari’s country UAE

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