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USA Today – May 23 2018

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Clues Answers
‘See ya!’ CIAO
‘___ boom bah!’ SIS
‘___ longa, vita brevis’ ARS
A bit eccentric DOTTY
Apple Store buy IPHONE
Bit of satire SKIT
Blue shade SKY
Brings up from childhood REARS
Brit’s baby buggy PRAM
C&W venue, for short OPRY
Capri, e.g ISLE
Cardinal cap letters STL
Cartoon hunter of Bugs ELMER
David of glam rock BOWIE
Dead duck GONER
Declining in quality, as a TV show JUMPINGTHESHARK
Deliver a stemwinder ORATE
Deputy ___ (cartoon canine) DAWG
Discount rack abbr IRR
Discussing, as an idea BOUNCINGAROUND
Doomed to failure, slangily DOA
Dove’s sound COO
Encl. with an invoice SASE
Feel awful about RUE
Food chain victim PREY
Fuel additive brand STP
Gas station fixture PUMP
Harassed for payment DUNNED
In a listless manner IDLY
Instrument with a bent neck LUTE
Is nuts about LOVES
Island home to orangutans BORNEO
Justice Gorsuch NEIL
Klutz’s cry OOPS
Lakeside pastime SKIPPINGSTONES
Like poor penmanship SLOPPY
Location with a home page SITE
Clues Answers
Low-pH compounds ACIDS
McGregor of ‘Star Wars’ movies EWAN
McKellen of ‘X-Men’ movies IAN
Migrant worker of sorts HOBO
Mother of William and Harry DIANA
Much teen talk SLANG
Narrows gradually TAPERS
Neptune’s realm SEA
No-goodnik BADDIE
Nuts-and-bolts BASIC
Performed adequately DIDOK
Place buzzing with activity HIVE
Place to snowboard SLOPE
Porgy’s woman BESS
Provide startup funds for SEED
Rap, to rap critics NOISE
Reason to cram TEST
Recent hire, say NEWCOMER
River to the Seine MARNE
Robbing Robin HOOD
Roller coaster features LOOPS
Ruler deposed in 1979 SHAH
Stein filler ALE
Stirs in, say ADDS
Supermodel Hadid GIGI
Swirling water EDDY
They’re run up at bars TABS
Tibetan exile DALAILAMA
To whom a caliph prays ALLAH
Tofu base SOY
Totally pointless INANE
Under-cover wear? PJS
Visitor from afar ALIEN
Walk heavily PLOD
Well-suited APT
Yellow-bellied bird SAPSUCKER
Yemeni port ADEN
___ Jean (Marilyn, originally) NORMA