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USA Today – May 23 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Atonement’ author McEwan IAN
‘Crazy Taxi’ game company SEGA
‘In addition . . .’ ALSO
‘Lust for Life’ singer Del Rey LANA
‘Power’ rock band TRIO
‘Present!’ HERE
‘Rumble in the Jungle’ boxer ALI
‘Swan Lake’ costume TUTU
‘That ___ close!’ WAS
‘The Thinker’ sculptor RODIN
16-Acrosses’ problems EGOS
Admit to the clergy ORDAIN
Appliance brand AMANA
Auctioneer’s hammer GAVEL
Award for Caitlyn Jenner ESPY
Blighted tree ELM
Bridge framework TRUSS
Budget rental CAR
Burden of proof ONUS
Caddy beverages TEAS
Captains’ records LOGS
Chips in HELPS
Columbus sch OSU
Crossed one’s fingers HOPED
Early antibiotic SULFADRUG
Early stage ONSET
Fabulist with talking animals AESOP
Fender blemish DENT
Foreign student’s need VISA
Fried rice ingredient EGG
From the top AGAIN
Gender-neutral name PAT
Ginger cookies SNAPS
Golf club feature GRIP
Had a yearning LONGED
Hand or foot UNIT
Haunting woodwind OBOE
Have lunch at one’s desk, say EATIN
Hide, dog-style BURY
Home to the Gobi ASIA
Idris of ‘Molly’s Game’ ELBA
Inuits’ coats PARKAS
Isthmus land PANAMA
Jessica of ‘Sin City’ ALBA
Joined forces MERGED
Justice appointed after Sonia ELENA
Kids’ road-trip game ISPY
Ladder part RUNG
Laddie’s gal LASS
Language of Iran FARSI
Less chancy SAFER
Like Seattle’s climate RAINY
Like some rigorous exams ORAL
Most popes, by birth ITALIANS
Needing a bath DIRTY
One of 10 on a lane PIN
Online gamer’s icon AVATAR
Original ‘SNL’ member Radner GILDA
Pet’s anti-parasite treatment FLEADIP
Prom night ride LIMO
Regenerist skin care brand OLAY
Seafood market emanations ODORS
Shipwreck explorer SCUBADIVER
Sleeper agent MOLE
Sluggers’ stats RBIS
Solemn promise IDO
Spots on dresses POLKADOTS
State of mind MOOD
Steven Wright forte DRYWIT
Swamp growth SEDGE
Tel ___, Israel AVIV
Temperamental sort PRIMADONNA
They’re caused by 27-Downs DELAYS
Traffic headache TIEUP
Two or more eras EON
Wanted for nothing HADITALL
Wild throw, e.g ERROR
Written-in bill addition TIP