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USA Today – May 24 2018

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Clues Answers
$5 bills, slangily ABES
‘1984’ novelist ORWELL
‘Aw, nuts!’ DARN
‘Here, try this’ TASTE
‘Life of Pi’ director Lee ANG
‘West Side Story’ song AMERICA
1/6 oz TSP
Adams of photography ANSEL
AFL merger partner CIO
Agreement between psychiatrists? SHRINKPACT
Aides in ORs RNS
Airbnb offering RENTAL
All-in-one printer function SCAN
Audiophile’s ‘vinyl’ LPS
Basketball great Abdul-Jabbar KAREEM
Bend at a barre PLIE
Big name in printers EPSON
Bit of body art, for short TAT
Carrier to Oslo SAS
Cerise or cardinal RED
Colon’s pair DOTS
Coloratura’s highlight ARIA
Comedic religious pamphlet? LAUGHTRACT
Copse unit TREE
Cowherd’s tool PROD
Dash gauge, for short TACH
Dell or HP offerings PCS
Dickens’ Edwin DROOD
Dines late SUPS
Doing road gigs, e.g ONTOUR
Duplicate, briefly REPRO
E-tail icon CART
Final chapter END
Freckles or red hair, e.g TRAIT
Galifianakis of ‘Due Date’ ZACH
Gossip that’s ‘dished’ DIRT
Hall of Fame goalie Ken DRYDEN
Jambalaya, e.g STEW
Clues Answers
Kind of sheepdog, familiarly SHELTIE
Langley org CIA
Like Bunyan tales TALL
Lily-white CHASTE
Look forward to AWAIT
Lose-a-ball flub TILT
Louvre Pyramid architect IMPEI
Mailroom machine LABELER
March Madness org NCAA
Mystical deck TAROT
Not worldly wise NAIVE
Numbered composition OPUS
Obama health initiative, initially ACA
One’s house, e.g ASSET
Part of an A/C system in colonial India? BOMBAYDUCT
Pawn shop symbol’s ball count THREE
Place to rough it CAMP
Predator of walruses ORCA
Prefix meaning ‘earth’ GEO
Protozoan propellers CILIA
Punish with a whip LASH
Rug salesman’s savoir faire? CARPETTACT
Seat at a service PEW
Serf of Sparta HELOT
Signs into law ENACTS
Sound from a masseur’s client AAH
Speed trap device RADAR
Stack-selling chain IHOP
Starbucks tea brand TAZO
Still-life vessel EWER
Street kid URCHIN
String starting with ‘#’ HASHTAG
Suture unit STITCH
The devil’s label, in a movie PRADA
Took to the skies AVIATED
Word after disco or steroid ERA
Word before dive or Lake SWAN
Yearwood of country TRISHA
___ card (cellphone part) SIM