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USA Today – May 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Anything goes!’ NORULES
‘Beowulf’ and ‘Roots’ SAGAS
1836 siege site ALAMO
50-Across part GAME
A4 and R8 automaker AUDI
Academy Award nomination OSCARNOD
Acting too hastily RASH
Ballerina’s pivot TOE
Bart’s bus driver OTTO
Bird on Mexico’s flag EAGLE
Bit of bridal attire VEIL
Boxer’s earnings PURSE
Braided floor covering ROPERUG
Burglar alarm part SENSOR
Call for an encore CLAP
Celestial ram ARIES
Change to suit ADAPT
Comics pooch since 1978 ODIE
Common field trip destination ZOO
Complaints, slangily BEEFS
Convention site HOTEL
Cried like a kitten MEWED
DNA test site LAB
Do high-tech surgery on LASE
Don’t take a knee RISE
Elite group CADRE
Exchange zingers SPAR
Eyelid woe STYE
Far from popular HATED
Fingerpainting aftermath, maybe MESS
Flamenco cheer OLE
Fox’s foot PAW
Gas in some headlights XENON
Gastropub beverage ALE
Gladden to the max ELATE
Handed-down tales LORE
Happy hour perch STOOL
Hefty hunk of bacon SLAB
Historic rigid airship GRAFZEPPELIN

Clues Answers
In the manner of ALA
Insults jokingly ROASTS
Kickstarter project target GOAL
Kyoto’s land JAPAN
Launderer’s challenge GRASSSTAIN
Like good pastrami LEAN
Like many a 38-Down LACY
Like small-eared elephants ASIAN
Macpherson on SI covers ELLE
Male turkey TOM
Museum offerings EXHIBITS
Of ebb and flow TIDAL
On the market OUT
Order with an Exalted Ruler ELKS
Pack like sardines CRAM
Passer’s target, maybe END
Pedometer units STEPS
Picnic pest ANT
Pirate flag symbol SKULL
Place to 60-Down LOT
Reader at a slam POET
Resting on ATOP
Roman who wrote ‘Orator’ CICERO
Runner’s warmup pace TROT
Slender-billed shorebird SNIPE
Socked away SAVED
Source of easy money GRAVYTRAIN
Sticky spread JAM
Striker’s bane SCAB
Thing to consider ASPECT
Thumbs-up votes AYES
Treasury buys BONDS
TV feed part AUDIO
Unseen vegetable in ‘Peanuts’ GREATPUMPKIN
Use an assigned space, say PARK
Wimbledon unit SET
Without delay APACE
Word after sick or shore LEAVE
Works like a dog SLOGS