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USA Today – May 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Jurassic Park’ dino TREX
‘Selma’ director DuVernay AVA
‘___ seeing things?’ AMI
A gym rat may break one SWEAT
Accra’s land GHANA
Airport serving Paris ORLY
B-52’s home (Abbr.) AFB
Black-and-white predator ORCA
Body-scanning org TSA
Bout venue ARENA
Bumps into MEETS
Chatroom chortle LOL
Chaucer tale teller REEVE
Check out EXAMINE
Cheese similar to Gruyere EDAM
Chit in a pot IOU
Cleopatra’s killer ASP
Complied with, with ‘to’ ACCEDED
Core muscles, briefly ABS
Dance to ‘Hava Nagila’ HORA
Do in, as a dragon SLAY
Do some darning SEW
Drachma’s successor EURO
Duke or earl TITLE
Editorial page listing MASTHEAD
Eliot’s ‘___ Bede’ ADAM
End-of-term hurdle FINAL
Factory whistle time NOON
Figure on Spanish valentines? ELCUPID
Forerunners of talkies SILENTS
Frosty coating HOAR
Fuse rating unit OHM
Gem State capital BOISE
Give the means ENABLE
God praised in Mecca ALLAH
Gold-plated GILT
Horatio who created Tattered Tom ALGER
In the midst of AMONG
Clues Answers
Lingerie material LACE
London lav LOO
Lucy of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ LIU
Made like APED
Mariner’s measure SEAMILE
Mutt’s malady MANGE
Original Amendments count TEN
Patient’s part of a bill COPAY
Place for a bucket of balls RANGE
Place for a knocker DOOR
Place to 13-Down ALP
Planter’s unit ACRE
Posture-correcting outerwear? SUPPORTCOAT
Prefix meaning ‘image’ ICONO
Prohibitionist’s foe WET
Pub order ALE
Pungent flavors TANGS
Radar reception ECHO
Removes from a tab DEDUCTS
Rich and Krupa, notably DRUMMERS
Roald who created Willy Wonka DAHL
Runs like a tot SCAMPERS
Side dish for two? COUPLESLAW
Sing in Tyrol, maybe YODEL
Skid row denizens SOTS
Sown item SEED
Stan of Marvel Comics LEE
Swarming pest GNAT
Sweet-sounding DULCET
They may clash among stars EGOS
Tickled pink AMUSED
Tiny stream RILLET
Took the reins LED
U.S. economic yardstick GNP, e.g URL
Watery pasta topping? SOUPYSAUCE
Winery tour area NAPA
Without face value, as stock NOPAR
Wolves’ ball? LUPINEDANCE