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USA Today – May 27 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Gotcha!’ ISEE
‘Hamilton’ antagonist BURR
‘In the ballpark’ phrase ORSO
‘Roots’ author Haley ALEX
‘Wear them down’ battle tactic SIEGE
100 centavos PESO
1840s White House occupant POLK
1960s prime-time soap PEYTONPLACE
A passenger on ABOARD
A whole bunch OODLES
Angler’s need ROD
As a bonus ALSO
Bart’s bus driver OTTO
Behave like a brat ACTUP
Bowyer’s wood YEW
Carried, as by wind BORNE
Checkmated one’s opponent WON
Chicago daily, informally TRIB
Chooses not to list OMITS
Cold sufferers’ soups BROTHS
Corrupt officer’s payoff BRIBE
Diminutive, in rap names LIL
Easily manipulated sort TOOL
Event with a finish line RACE
Expel, as lava SPEW
Expose to view, in a way UNDRAPE
For each, informally APOP
Hardly flashy DRAB
Highlighted agenda item BULLETPOINT
Hits with a Super Soaker WETS
Holy place SHRINE
How some twins dress ALIKE
In the present era TODAY
Knock on the noggin BONK
Lady Gaga, notably POPSTAR
Lessen gradually ABATE
Lessen gradually EBB
Like many ales PALE
Local lockup JAIL
Many a Marvel character HERO
Memorable spans ERAS
Mexican stuffed pepper RELLENO
Neither ahead nor behind EVEN
Observed warily EYED
Octagon word STOP
Order another year of, say RENEW
Panda’s fare BAMBOO
Performed superbly SHONE
Pi is one RATIO
Pipeline flow OIL
Prefix with byte or watt GIGA
Preposition in sermons UNTO
Preschooler’s sculpting need CLAY
Prom night woe ACNE
Reduces to mush PULPS
Roll with lox BAGEL
Run-of-the-mill PROSAIC
Saved movie private RYAN
Skin-reddening reaction RASH
Slain Genesis figure ABEL
Slapped a tariff on TAXED
Slapstick missiles PIES
Super Bowl timeout airing COMMERCIALSPOT
Support garments BRAS
Table of contents number PAGE
Tetherball holder POLE
Times before observances EVES
Uppercut’s target JAW
VIP in Norse mythology ODIN
Wealthy Titanic casualty ASTOR
Where sailors go on liberty ASHORE
Whodunit award EDGAR
Word before heart or heed TAKE
Yawn-inducing sort BORE