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USA Today – May 28 2019

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Clues Answers
‘A ___ coincidence!’ MERE
‘Appreciate it’ THANKS
‘Exodus’ author Uris LEON
‘I, Robot’ author Asimov ISAAC
All-hrs. conveniences ATMS
Ancient foe of Athens SPARTA
Baldwin of ‘SNL’ ALEC
Banjoist Scruggs EARL
Barroom troublemakers BRAWLERS
Becker with three Wimbledon wins BORIS
Chile’s northern neighbor PERU
Classic fruity soft drink ORANGECRUSH
Conniving sort SCHEMER
Cop’s collar, informally PERP
Cork’s land, in poetry ERIN
Cornfield cry CAW
Cowardly Lion portrayer BERTLAHR
Darkens, in a way DYES
Deck treatment STAIN
Double-crosser RAT
Drop-down list MENU
Elmer Fudd’s weapon RIFLE
Fell with an axe HEW
Finance major’s deg MBA
Firebug’s offense ARSON
Fixated captain of fiction AHAB
Flock response AMEN
Get all blubbery SOB
Great Seal depiction EAGLE
Half-and-half component SWEETCREAM
Ibsen Museum city OSLO listing ROLE
Inexpensive pens BICS
Kraft sandwich spread MIRACLEWHIP
Lager alternative ALE
Like a financial adviser’s compensation FEEBASED
Like the Joker EVIL
Madison Ave. sloganeers ADMEN
Make amends ATONE
Many Christmas trees SPRUCES
Meghan, to Harry WIFE
Mideast theocracy IRAN
Mocked, in a way APED
Much of the Earth’s core IRON
Nail-extracting tool CLAWHAMMER
Oil-yielding rock SHALE
One of the Spice Girls POSH
Perrier competitor EVIAN
Picnic discards COBS
Pineapple giant DOLE
Place to buy a Christmas tree LOT
Polio vaccine pioneer SALK
Prefix with hertz or hit MEGA
Public outburst FUROR
Rain clouds, to some OMEN
Rarely read email SPAM
Rome’s Appian ___ WAY
Russet pears BOSCS
Screen door material MESH
Skin treatments at spas PEELS
Soft drink on NASA missions TANG
Sounds from Abyssinians PURRS
Soup with sashimi MISO
Sweating bullets SCARED
Sword with no cutting edge EPEE
Tampa-St. ___ PETE
Tattoo sleeve spots ARMS
Terry Bradshaw’s team STEELERS
Text status SENT
Turf grabber CLEAT
Unnamed persons ONES
Unwelcome winter forecast SLEET
Upright relative SPINET
Vacation spot near Java BALI
Venue for vows ALTAR
Volvo competitor, once SAAB
Website’s main page HOME
Works on icy streets, perhaps SALTS