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USA Today – May 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Add to cart’ business ETAIL
‘Animal House’ setting, for short FRAT
‘Brain’ with a speed measured in GHz CPU
‘Frozen’ snowman OLAF
‘Isn’t it clear now?’ SEE
‘Light My Fire’ band THEDOORS
2000 Subway Series team METS
Alternative to briefs BOXERSHORTS
Atkins, ‘Mr. Guitar’ CHET
Barbecue slab RIBS
Bean in baked beans NAVY
Beer brand now owned by Pabst STROHS
Bloodwork findings, e.g LABRESULTS
Bolt the scene RUN
Cajun vegetable OKRA
Capp of comics ANDY
Classic pencil-and-paper game DOTS
Compete in ice dancing SKATE
Cope with ENDURE
CPAP machine target APNEA
Creep past SNEAKBY
Cry before ‘Polo!’ MARCO
Currency replaced by the euro in 2008 MALTESELIRA
Dennings of ‘Thor’ KAT
Dermatologist’s concern CYST
Disk storage unit BYTE
Does’ mates STAGS
Dog’s harness attachment LEASH
Doorframe support LINTEL
Dope or dirt, for short INFO
Dressy-casual brand IZOD
Fey of ‘Baby Mama’ TINA
Firstborn of Isaac and Rebecca ESAU
Former co-host of Kelly REGIS
Galileo Galilei Airport city PISA
Gardener’s headgear SUNHAT
Gentle touch PAT
Goody-goody PRIM

Clues Answers
Hoagie, by another name HERO
Hurler’s stat ERA
In the worst way SORELY
Khayyam of Persia OMAR
Lauren Bacall trademark HUSKYVOICE
Like crazy ALOT
Like much fusion cuisine ASIAN
Like some chicken wings SPICYHOT
Lustrous, as hair SLEEK
Muppet with no eyebrows ERNIE
Musically named Vegas Resort ARIA
Name in door-to-door sales AVON
Nerve cell transmitter AXON
One may be open-book TEST
Onesie fasteners SNAPS
Parlor plant PALM
Partners of dits DAHS
Pequod’s obsessed captain AHAB
Pixar title clownfish NEMO
Ring around the moon HALO
Road crew’s marker CONE
Ruthless control, metaphorically IRONFIST
Salon waves, for short PERMS
Shockers in holsters TASERS
Song of David PSALM
Sound of contempt SNORT
Sparing of words TERSE
Sweet grape used for raisins MUSCAT
To the ___ (fully) HILT
Tourist city southeast of Delhi AGRA
Used-car caveat, maybe ASIS
Vaper’s buy, for short ECIG
Vintner’s dregs LEES
Williams, ‘America’s Mermaid’ ESTHER
Word before basin or bore TIDAL
World’s heaviest snake ANACONDA
Year-rounders at resort towns NATIVES