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USA Today – May 3 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Gotcha’ ISEE
‘Like father, like ___’ SON
‘No bid from me’ IPASS
‘Take your time!’ NORUSH
‘Well done!’ KUDOS
‘___ Secretary’ MADAM
Actress Reid TARA
Air freshener target ODOR
Appealed earnestly PLED
Apple product IMAC
Australian footwear UGGBOOTS
Baby deer FAWN
Biathlete’s pair SKIS
Bit of eye gel DAB
Bites NIPS
Clock radio feature ALARM
Converse competitor KEDS
Cuzco’s country PERU
Desert along the Silk Road GOBI
Dover fish SOLE
Driver’s aid GPS
Embellishes, say LIES
European capital lauded by Vision Zero proponents in 2019 OSLO
Exercise that might be done with crossed arms SITUP
Falsetto-voiced Muppet ELMO
Foreign relief org. whose motto is ‘From the American people’ USAID
Foundations BASES
Frequent flyer’s unit MILE
Go upward RISE
Golf stroke SHOT
Impressive selection ARRAY
Lad’s counterpart LASS
Letter before kappa IOTA
Like a busybody NOSY
List entry ITEM
Maine’s flag features a moose under one PINETREE
Manhattan area west of Little Italy SOHO
Mattress spring COIL
Meal prep boxes KITS
MLB team with a Phanatic mascot PHILLIES
Most tip jar bills ONES
Munich-based automaker BMW
Not attend SKIP
Patch up MEND
Pigeon’s sound COO
Pinterest upload IMAGE
Place for discounted merchandise BARGAINBIN
Post-Mardi Gras period LENT
Religious offshoot SECT
Rhyming emigration BRAINDRAIN
Right on time PROMPT
Rod and ___ REEL
Rustic stopovers INNS
Savings plan that might be ‘traditional’ IRA
Scheduled to arrive DUE
Soft jacket material SUEDE
Some relatives, for short SIBS
Sound of disdain SNORT
Squirrel’s treat ACORN
State home to the world’s largest Mormon temple UTAH
Strikebreaker SCAB
Sudden flurry SPATE
Summer camp beds COTS
Tappable picture ICON
Target walkway AISLE
Tell it like ___ ITIS
Tend to polenta STIR
The Himalayas, e.g MOUNTAINCHAIN
Tie the knot WED
Trade show presentation DEMO
Veggie in mame gohan PEA
Warm spell that causes melting THAW
Winter road sprinkle SALT
Word after ‘second’ or ‘helping’ HAND
Yardsticks CRITERIA
___ down (pack tightly) TAMP